Different Shapes of Diamonds – The Fundamentals

different shapes of diamonds

The Different Shapes of Diamonds Many people who are buying diamonds for the first time may mistakenly believe a diamond’s cut is synonymous with its shape. But, there are technical difference in the two terms. In this article we dive into the different shapes of diamonds and also what we mean when discussing diamond shape … Read more

Diamond Quality Cheat-Sheet With 4Cs

diamond quality

Diamond quality varies so much between diamonds, primarily due to each individual diamond varying so much. This variation between diamonds makes any diamond buyer want to seek out the best possible diamond that falls within their given budget range. The main factors in determining the quality of diamond are known as the 4Cs in the … Read more

How Do You Store Your Jewelry? 6 Helpful Tips!

how do you store your jewelry

    So, how do you store your jewelry today? Did you ever purchase some nice diamond jewelry only to find its color diminishing and it having a little less shine after a while? Have you ever found old, rusty jewelry that you had to throw out because it couldn’t handle the humid weather?   … Read more

Fine Diamond Jewelry Pieces You Should Own

fine diamond jewelry

  Are you planning to invest in fine diamond jewelry? Do you want to find out about the classic pieces of diamond jewelry you everyone should own? Or if you just need gift ideas then you’ve come to the right place! If you said yes to any of these questions then keep scrolling down to … Read more

Comfortable Tungsten Carbide Rings

tungsten carbide rings

  Tungsten carbide rings and titanium rings are the most popular metals currently trending right now in today’s market for men’s jewelry and wedding bands. It’s a known fact that tungsten and titanium have superior strength qualities versus other metals used for jewelry making purposes.   The surface appearance can be deceiving for a lot … Read more

Sleeping With Ring On? Read Our Guide!

sleeping with ring on

  Are you regularly sleeping with ring on? This article will be especially helpful for women (or men) that are wearing a new diamond ring for the first time. While you will love rocking your new diamond ring, you may find yourself surrounded with questions like “Should I or can I sleep and/or shower with … Read more

Discover The 3 Different Colors of Gold Jewelry

different colors of gold jewelry

  When researching gold settings there are three different colors of gold jewelry options available to choose from – yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. While their appearance may be similar, they differ in their composition and color.   When selecting the gold color for your ring setting, it really comes down to your … Read more

How To Figure Out Ring Size Now

how to figure out ring size

How to figure out ring size?! Easy, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide we are going to provide useful information on ring size, sizing of necklaces, and also bracelets. Your diamond jewelry buying can then commence!   We will give you helpful tips and accurate sizing references to determine the correct size … Read more

Master Tips on How To Clean Jewelry

how to clean jewelry

    How to clean jewelry, specifically diamond jewelry! Everyone that has a diamond ring can testify that there is nothing more mesmerizing than having a diamond ring sparkle in the light and watch the light prisms dance after the ring has been cleaned and polished.   Wanting the “Bling” is a natural part of … Read more