Diamond Cut – What you need to know to be informed

The diamond cut is really important stuff. Let us first start with some definitions. Some new, one a reminder.

Fire – The light dispersion that appears as flashes of rainbow colors. Particularly lovely when seen in darker environments. Like candlelight.

Brilliance – This refers to the light reflected in and out of the diamond. Perfect proportions will prevent light leakage, so then the gem appears brighter.

Scintillation – The pattern of dark and light facets that intensely sparkles when the diamond is moved. This is seen well under regular ‘daytime’ lighting, such as fluorescent. The opposite of the fire environment.

Diamond facets – These are the flat surface areas of a diamond which have been cut, polished and positioned at different angles allowing light to enter and reflect from the stone. Read on for our diamond cut information!

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Tungsten Carbide and Titanium vs Other Metals for Rings

tungsten carbide and titanium rings

Tungsten carbide and titanium are the most popular metals currently trending right now in today’s market for men’s jewelry and wedding bands. It’s a known fact that tungsten and titanium have superior strength qualities versus other metals used for jewelry making purposes. The surface appearance can be deceiving for a lot of consumers as they look very similar in nature. The reality is, they’re two different metals and some key points to consider between them are outlined below so read on to see our Tungsten Carbide and Titanium vs other metals for rings guide!

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Should You Sleep or Shower While Wearing Your Ring?

sleep or shower with ring on

This article will be especially helpful for women (or men) that are wearing a new diamond ring for the first time. While you will love rocking your new diamond ring, you may find yourself surrounded with questions like “Should I or can I sleep and/or shower with this thing on?” You are most likely in post-proposal euphoria and while glancing at your sparkly new diamond saying to yourself, “How do I protect this thing?” These are valid questions from you, a shiny new ring wearer and below we offer up some helpful tips to answer some of these questions. Should you sleep or shower while wearing your ring? Read on to find out!

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The Differences in Colors of Gold Jewelry

gold colors for jewelry

When researching gold settings there are three options available to choose from – yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. While their appearance may be similar, they differ in their composition and color. When selecting the gold color for your ring setting, it really comes down to your personal preference but price might certainly play a factor in your final decision. Read on to see our list of the differences in colors of gold jewelry and their pros and cons.

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How to Guide on Diamond Jewelry Sizing

diamond jewelry sizing

This guide is going to provide information on typical sizing of rings, necklaces, and bracelets. It will have helpful tips and accurate sizing guides to determine the right size piece of jewelry you’re looking for. So many different guides are hard to understand and leave the reader more confused than when they started. The purpose of this guide is to help the reader with easy-to-follow sizing chart information. Read on to see all of our information on diamond jewelry sizing.

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Effective Methods for Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

cleaning diamond jewelry

Everyone that has a diamond ring can testify that there is nothing more mesmerizing than having a diamond ring sparkle in the light and watch the light prisms dance after the ring has been cleaned and polished. Wanting the “Bling” is a natural part of owning a diamond ring and you can get that by taking it to a jeweler for cleaning and polishing or you can do it yourself. According to the GIA Global Jewelry Manufacturing engineers, there are effective methods for cleaning diamond jewelry at home with professional results.

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How to Secretly Get Her Ring Size

Get Her Ring Size

If your mind is made up with a surprise proposal there are ways to figure out your significant others ring size. You’ve got to be cool and be subtle about it. Women are a lot smarter than we give them credit for sometimes. If you blow your cover, you’ll lose that OMG moment. Be cool. Ask her to help you pick out a ring for a sister, mother, grandmother or someone she knows. Ask to borrow her fingers and have her check some sizes for someone’s hand that is close to hers. You can casually ask her for your own reference what her ring sizes are and if you really got some nerve buy an inexpensive size 6 ring and have her try it on. Size 6 to 6.5 is the most common ring finger size for the average woman. You can tell her the ring is for your mother and actually give it to your mother so she won’t suspect anything. We will teach you how to secretly get her ring size.

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How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off Buying Diamond Jewelry

avoid getting ripped off buying online

Diamonds can cost more than the average person’s car or some houses for that matter. So how can you make sure you’re not getting ripped off when you walk into a jewelry store? This article is going to help you with some things you need to look out for and avoid the embarrassment of getting ripped off. There are various reports that state that a diamond’s grading quality can be forged? How is this possible? Forgers will heat diamonds at thousands of degrees while under enormous pressure which cosmetically improves the diamond’s color, however, they’re more inclined to chip providing further evidence that they were forged. Our tips on how to avoid getting ripped off buying diamond jewelry follow!

Some cases have shown that fractures have been filled with glass-like substances and the technology today has proven that lab-produced diamonds are such a robust quality that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference from natural diamonds with just the naked eye. The closer you get into your quest with a wholesale market for diamonds, the higher the percentage of misrepresentation and fraud you’re likely to encounter.

These fraud experts are cunning, witty, and deceptive. It will boggle your cranium to know what lengths they’ll go through to fool you and rip you off. They’re very clever, creative, and don’t mind taking your hard earned money for exotic vacations. Here are 4 lines of protection you can take instantly to defend yourself from getting ripped off.

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Best Wedding Bands – Part 2 in Our Precious Metals Series

best wedding bands

Making jewelry is a form of art and has been found to exist around ancient times with precious metals being forged into suits of armor fit for a King. The technological advancements in modern times have made the process of using metals like gold, titanium, and platinum an ideal choice for making bands for diamonds. There are more metals choices today than at any other time in history. Read more of this article to gain knowledge of the metals and processes used to make the best wedding bands; also, make sure you check out part 1 of our precious metals series here!

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What Are So Called “Blood Diamonds”?

blood diamonds

Diamonds are supposed to be symbols of elegance, love, and wealth around the world, however, for several African nations, they’ve been a reason to terrorize innocent civilians, a means to power, and have helped to finance the most brutal terrorists in the world. The cost of human life for the illegal diamond trade is documented to be in the millions. For the simple reason that they’re untraceable, easily concealed, and portable has contributed to the afflicted gains of corruption and smuggling. In this article we look further into so-called “Blood Diamonds”.

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