The different shapes of diamonds

different shapes of diamonds

  The different shapes of diamond! Many people who are buying diamonds for the first time may mistakenly believe a diamond’s cut is synonymous with its shape. But, there are technical difference in the two terms. In this article we dive into the different shapes of diamonds and also what we mean when discussing diamond … Read more

6 helpful tips on how to store your jewelry

how to store your jewelry

    So, how to store your jewelry? Did you ever purchase some nice diamond jewelry only to find its color diminishing and it having a little less shine after a while? Have you ever found old, rusty jewelry that you had to throw out because it couldn’t handle the humid weather?   Diamond jewelry … Read more

The 3 best-selling engagement ring types

engagement ring types

    Engagement ring types make up a huge majority share of the engagement ring buying decision. Since the engagement ring is an essential element of your proposal, you should think carefully and put some effort to choosing what you believe with be the perfect ring for your loved one.   Engagement rings are gorgeous, … Read more

Fine diamond jewelry pieces you should own

fine diamond jewelry pieces

  Are you planning to invest in fine diamond jewelry pieces? Do you want to find out about the classic pieces of diamond jewelry you everyone should own? Or if you just need gift ideas then you’ve come to the right place! If you said yes to any of these questions then keep scrolling down … Read more

How to clean a diamond ring at home

how to clean a diamond ring

  How to clean a diamond ring at home? It’s no surprise that wedding and engagement rings need a little upkeep. However, you may be putting off bringing it to the jeweler because of costs and having to say ‘buh-bye’ to your ring for a bit. But, it’s important that you keep your ring clean … Read more

Beautiful non diamond engagement rings

Non Diamond Engagement Rings

  Non diamond engagement rings are a thing, for real! In the world of engagement and wedding rings, suddenly, there are so many options to choose from. First, there is the type of band. Then, there is the cut of the stone and the shape. And, then, of course, is the color.   Engagement and … Read more

This Ring Makes My Finger Look Fat?

Ring Makes Finger Look Fat

This ring makes my finger look fat?!? When deciding on the style and shape of the engagement ring, you want to make sure it looks on your hand right? Seriously, like most women, you’ll want to post that killer pic on Instagram to get everyone swooning about your recent engagement to be married. So, how … Read more

Engagement Ring History

engagement ring history

Engagement ring history is quite interesting indeed! Proposing with a diamond ring is a tradition for us now. But, have you ever wondered how it came to be? It had to start somewhere! And, how has it changed since it was originated? Engagement Ring History Below is a brief history of how we got to … Read more

How To Care For an Engagement Ring

How To Care For Engagement Ring

How to care for an engagement ring? You have come to the right place! How to Care for an Engagement Ring When you make a big purchase like an engagement ring or a wedding ring, you want to make sure it stays in good shape. And, that’s where proper maintenance comes in. Just like other … Read more