Are Lab Created Diamonds Worth Anything?

When a Diamonds Worth is created in a lab the idea is that the jeweler keeps recreating whatever they’ve made. Development and research for lab-created diamonds can be an initial investment, however, over the course of time their cost drop and they end up with a product that is readily available and cheap to manufacture. The technological advancements has been in their favor which translates to a product that is produced at lower and lower rates. These diamonds are not rare and the reason why lab created diamonds can be a poor buy in some cases. Read on to learn more about lab created diamonds!

Diamonds Worth

Natural diamonds are rare for the fact that the earth has to create them over long periods of time with high temperatures and being under extreme pressure for thousands of years. The mere fact that if a diamond survives the trip from the depths of the earth to a place where humans can extract them can be miracle alone. Specialized equipment is needed along with heavy machinery to extract them, then they’ve got to be meticulously sorted to extract the rough diamonds before cutting, polishing, grading, and selling them can even happen.

Approximately 99% of all diamonds extracted don’t even qualify by GIA standards to be a gemstone grade and most of these that fail to meet grade are sent off to specialized manufactures for uses like diamond cutting wheels, pneumatic granite saws, and high quality chain saws, etc. To find an internally flawless D color diamond defines what rare means.

Two Reasons for Diamonds Worth:

Ethics: is a reason why people justify buying a lab created diamond and there are a lot of people that still believe diamonds are unethical. A lot of information spreading around the internet is not correct and most often consumers are misinformed for profits. The Blood diamond will always be a topic for conversation, however, they only make up a small percentage of legitimate diamonds mined. Ethics within a diverse community of buyers will always exist, so therefore, a demand for lab created diamonds keeps grinding away at the stone.

Price: is always an obvious reason why people consider buying a lab created diamond. Designer engagement rings have seen a steady incline with price over the years and some consumers are unwilling to spend up to $10,000 on an expensive Tacori diamond. Lab created diamonds are an alternative for some people that are willing to settle for a cubic zirconia instead of a certified GIA diamond for their wedding day? Who would give their true-love a fake diamond on the biggest day of their life? This defines why lab created diamonds are a poor buy.

Is There Any Value for a Lab Created Diamond?

The future is unpredictable when considering purchasing a lab created diamond, however, statics have shown that a cubic zirconia will decrease in price over the next 3 to 5 years; making this a poor buy. As we make leaps with technological advancements, competition becomes a factor and labs will be offering new creations to the public as they try to stay ahead of their competition. The value for a lab created diamond comes down to the expenses a lab acquires to manufacture them and leaving the decreasing value on someone’s ring finger. Lab diamonds can be an interesting concept for alternatives to natural diamonds, however, to claim they’re rarer than natural diamonds is simply wrong.


The principal pre-occupation for the diamond industry in today’s markets are the detection of lab made diamonds unscrupulously passed off as the real deal. This is an important issue that is constantly being addressed as to not undermine the consumer confidence with the origin of their new purchase, however, this may not be the main issue at hand. At the point of purchase if the synthetic manufacturer can manipulate and convince consumers that their lab made diamonds are a better alternative to authentic natural diamonds, consumers will buy them. Further, enforcing the reality of why lab created diamonds are a poor buy.

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