The Differences in Colors of Gold Jewelry

gold colors for jewelry

When researching gold settings there are three options available to choose from – yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. While their appearance may be similar, they differ in their composition and color. When selecting the gold color for your ring setting, it really comes down to your personal preference but price might certainly play a factor in your final decision. Read on to see our list of the differences in colors of gold jewelry and their pros and cons.

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So Why is Diamond Color So Important?

You’re a guy, you fell in love with a girl and she’s so great you want to ask her to take the vow. Before you get there, you have this deep-seated desire to make the lady see that you are the greatest guy on the planet. I don’t mean ‘buying her love.’ It’s showing her love. Like the story of the great industrialist who began his career at the rock bottom. When he met the girl, he wished to marry he poured a small bag of peanuts into her hands and said, “I wish they were diamonds.” Many years later after he made his wealth, for one of their last anniversaries together he poured a small sack of diamonds into her hands and said, “I wish they were peanuts.” If you have the romantic chops, you can do it! Diamond color really does matter to her!

Then think about other cultures, like my friend. He fell in love with a lady while in Mozambique and wished to marry. To impress her with his ‘vast knowledge’ of African culture, he told her the story of The Ten Cow Woman. The story goes that in this one African village a woman’s worth was viewed according to how many cows a man was willing to pay the father for a marriage contract. So this young man noticed that in a family of beautiful sisters, one girl stayed back, out of the limelight. She didn’t smile, her hair hung. Not an attractive young lady at all. But the man went to her father and announced he wished to pay 10 cows for her hand. The father and the whole village was shocked, because who would ever give such an amazing amount for this girl? One cow, maybe two, but ten?

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