Engagement Ring History

engagement ring history

Engagement ring history is quite interesting indeed! Proposing with a diamond ring is a tradition for us now. But, have you ever wondered how it came to be? It had to start somewhere! And, how has it changed since it was originated? Engagement Ring History Below is a brief history of how we got to … Read more

Lab Created Diamonds vs Real Diamonds

Lab Created Diamonds vs Real Diamonds. Alright, so it’s pretty obvious that not all diamonds are created equal. We know that diamonds come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and weights which determine how much we are pulling out of our wallets to purchase them. However, did you know that there are natural diamonds and synthetic-made … Read more

Seriously, Are Lab Created Diamonds Real?

are lab created diamonds real

    Are lab created diamonds real? Sellers of lab created diamonds cringe when someone uses that word but in reality that’s exactly what they are. They might be 100% real diamonds, however, the biggest difference is synthetic diamonds are made from heat, carbon, and extreme pressure in a lab versus mining them naturally deep … Read more

Are Lab Created Diamonds Worth Anything?

When a Diamonds Worth is created in a lab the idea is that the jeweler keeps recreating whatever they’ve made. Development and research for lab-created diamonds can be an initial investment, however, over the course of time their cost drop and they end up with a product that is readily available and cheap to manufacture. … Read more

Seriously, Where Do Diamonds Come From?

where do diamonds come from

      Where Do Diamonds Come From?   A History of Diamonds   So, where do diamonds come from? According to legend, diamonds have the power to curse, heal, and protect. From around 3000 B.C. the pharaohs of ancient Egypt revered diamonds as symbols of power and truth. During the Middle Ages, diamonds were … Read more