Different Types of Diamond Cuts

For a long time, diamonds have been considered to be among the most precious stones that have ever existed because of their rare nature. This is because of their wide use in beauty. When it comes to beauty, diamonds have been used to show royalty. They have also been used to grace occasions such as weddings. We have compiled the various diamond types below and hope you find this information invaluable in your search for the perfect diamond ring!

Different Types of Diamond Cuts

Some Differences Between the Various Types of Diamond Cuts

There are different cuts in diamonds. They include;

  • Princess cut- this is the most popular diamond cut mostly used for engagement purposes. They usually have a lower carat compared to the round shape cuts. It’s usually four-sided.
  • Cushion cut- this type of diamond has four rounded corners.
  • Marquise cut- they are usually long and narrow and can also create illusions of great size. The marquise cut has one of the largest crown surfaces.
  • Asscher cut- this cut is similar to a square. It has cropped corners and an octagonal shape.
  • Radiant cut- the radiant cut is made in such a way that it looks like a square.
  • Pear cut- the pear cut is made up in a way that it resembles the round and marquise shape.
  • Emerald cut-these diamonds are either square or triangle shaped.  This cut allows for “hall mirror effect” which makes it very much different from the other diamonds.
  • Heart cut- these diamonds are usually given the shape of a heart. This cut is usually used to practically represent love. It has a wide crown base and a narrow or tipped bottom.
  • Oval cut- oval diamonds usually have an added advantage because of their elongated shape.

While the different types of diamond cuts are really a preference and therefore subjective, there are ways to find out exactly what your partner likes the most. You can build out any ring type you want in any metal by checking out the diamond store!

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