9 Glamorous Engagement Ring Cuts


Engagement Ring Cuts


Deciding on an engagement ring for your special someone is no small feat! As you will see, there are so many engagement ring cuts that some couples find it easier to decide on a ring together. As you, the fiancé, may get overwhelmed with all of the choices! If you’re lucky enough to have a ring that’s been passed down through your family, then you’re already a step ahead!


However, if you are the kind of guy or girl who says, “Hold my beer,” when it comes to challenges, then picking out a surprise diamond engagement ring is for you. It doesn’t sound so hard, huh? Are you sure? Because you are now on the hunt for the one piece of jewelry your fiancé will wear every single day for the rest of their life.


Will it go with their dresses, work clothes, jeans, evening wear? It won’t be a perfect match in every way, but if your fiancé is a CEO they might not care for a ring that looks like they moonlight making gypsy wedding dresses. But if they’re an artist, they might.


So, your first job is to look at your partner. Which, we’re assuming isn’t a difficult job for you to do! Read on to learn about the common engagement ring cuts!




Common Engagement Ring Cuts You Will See


  • Emerald cut – these diamonds are either square or triangle shaped.  This cut allows for “hall mirror effect” which makes it very much different from the other diamonds.


  • Princess cut – this is the most popular diamond cut mostly used for engagement purposes. They usually have a lower carat compared to the round shape cuts. It’s usually four-sided.


  • Cushion cut – this type of diamond has four rounded corners.


  • Oval cut – oval diamonds usually have an added advantage because of their elongated shape.


  • Pear cut – the pear cut is made up in a way that it resembles the round and marquise shape.


  • Marquise cut – they are usually long and narrow and can also create illusions of great size. The marquise cut has one of the largest crown surfaces.


  • Asscher cut – this cut is similar to a square. It has cropped corners and an octagonal shape.


  • Radiant cut – the radiant cut is made in such a way that it looks like a square.


  • Heart cut – these diamonds are usually given the shape of a heart. This cut is usually used to practically represent love. It has a wide crown base and a narrow or tipped bottom.



engagement ring cuts


Pro tips on Which Engagement Ring Cuts They Like


Check out the jewelry he or she already wears. If they already have various rings that can tell you a lot.


Enlist some co-conspirators. If you know the family well, ask their sibling (only if you know for sure they can keep a secret!) Depending on your relationship, you could even ask their mom; or your mom. She didn’t have the benefit of watching your girlfriend grow-up, but she probably has some great ideas. Face it; at the end of the day, moms are brilliant.


You’ve no doubt considered points like the diamond 4Cs (Clarity, cut, carat, color) of diamonds in your decision. Remember, the 4Cs do a great deal to determine what the diamond will cost;


However, we want to talk about appearance. So, let’s talk about the diamond’s shape in regards to the cutting style of the diamond.


Diamond Cutting Shapes


There are many different shapes and cutting styles you’ll want to study such as cushion cut, emerald cut, princess cut, oval shape, marquise shape, pear shape. Open Google and look at a few of these to see what ‘clicks.’ If you can’t decide, it’s hard to go wrong with one of the classic cuts, like a round cut, oval or cushion. After all, something becomes a classic in the first place via sheer popularity.


Should you decide a multi-stone ring might be your best choice, remember certain shapes make a more successful combination. Oval, marquise and round shapes work well together. On the other hand, heart with pear-shaped stones become more difficult.


The cutting style of a diamond is all about its facet arrangement instead of the shape. For example, take the ‘brilliant’ style of cutting. It gives a round diamond an arrangement of 57 to 58 facets. These maximize the diamonds sparkle while minimizing any inclusions (flaws.) If you have fewer facets, then the flaws become clearer. So, a cut like ‘emerald’, it will require the diamond have a higher clarity level to hide those flaws.


Now if you have no idea what I’m talking about…that’s all part of the challenge. You can do it. You and Google.


Conclusion on Engagement Ring Cuts


For a long time, diamonds have been considered to be among the most precious stones that have ever existed because of their rare nature. This is because of their wide use in beauty. When it comes to beauty, diamonds have been used to show royalty. They have also been used to grace occasions such as weddings. We hope you found our guide on engagement ring cuts helpful!


PS – remember: if your partner works in a plant nursery, you might want something low profile with more secure mounting. Or if you are marrying a glam-girl they might like more intricate detailing; a statement ring for example.


It becomes a matter of arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible, then going out and bringing home that jewel. Not only the engagement ring but the fact that you put effort into finding ‘the right one,’ will win her heart all over again. Good luck to you!


If you want to see more engagement ring cuts follow the link!







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