Engagement Ring Hints – How To Hint What You Want

It is completely normal to give out some engagement ring hints to your significant other! When you and your partner are truly in love and have been together for a significant amount of time, it’s only natural that you start to think about that perfect proposal. The one where your significant other will get down on one knee with the sunset in the background and ask you to be his forever. But, how do you tell him what kind of ring you want in that box?

Engagement Ring Hints

There are a great many sneaky ways to tell your partner what style would best suit you without actually saying it. And, though it may sound kind of crazy to be sending low-key hints to your partner, we promise that he won’t think you’re being too obvious. Let’s be real, most guys are oblivious.

Have Your Friends Work For You

A great way to send hints to your partner about what kind of ring would suit you is to put your friends and family to work. Let them know what you want and they can help him along the way if he decides to confide in them about your upcoming proposal. It may seem super sneaky, but it’ll be worth it when you’re rocking that perfect diamond.

Leave Your Laptop Open

Do you ever get lost on Pinterest looking at everything wedding related? Well, try keeping your wedding board up on your laptop so he’ll see it. Make sure there are pictures of engagement rings. And, maybe even some proposal pictures to give him a little push and some inspiration to make the move.

Mention A Friend’s Ring Style

Maybe you have a friend that recently just got engaged. Of course, that’s a natural topic of conversation, so be sure to bring it up to your partner! Mention what you like and what you don’t like about the ring their significant other chose. This will give him an idea of what you desire in a ring.

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