The Ultimate Guide To Engagement Ring Metals

Check out these beautiful engagement ring metals! Picking the type of metal for your engagement ring band or wedding ring band can make you dizzy. There are so many options. And, when you are standing at the jewelry counter, looking at all the options, you may feel pressured to pick a band quickly. However, we highly recommend you do some at-home research before you make the jump.

Engagement Ring Metals

Luckily for you, we have compiled a list describing the makeup of each metal and the pros and cons related to each. This guide will make it simple for you to choose a band metal. And, once you’ve got that step complete, it’s just another step closer to the alter.

White Gold

White gold is a combination of pure gold with other white metals. Common white metals used are palladium or silver. A white gold band is beautiful combined with a diamond because of its shiny polished exterior. Usually, white gold rings are plated with rhodium to help protect the luster of the white gold. Rhodium is hypoallergenic, however, over time it wears away. It’s easy to get it replated, but it’s still something to consider when purchasing a band.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the classic choice for a wedding band. A yellow gold band consists of pure gold, copper, and silver to create a superior shiny look. Depending on its carat weight each band will look and feel a little different.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is definitely made for the girly girls. It’s a newer color trend that offers a smidge more romance into your ring design. And, though it’s a newer trend, rose gold offers a vintage touch to all rings. A lot of people choose to include rose gold into bi-colored rings in order to contrast with white or yellow gold.


Platinum is one of the most popular choices for wedding ring bands. That’s because of its rarity and durability. And, even though it’s durable, it still offers the same luxurious sheen as other band metals. A platinum wedding band will surely last you a lifetime.


Palladium is a white precious metal that will never require replating. It’s durable like platinum and doesn’t require any upkeep or future maintenance. Plus, it’s affordable!


Silver is extremely popular and it’s one of the most inexpensive precious metals to get a wedding band made out of. However, there is a downside to this beautiful band. Silver tends to tarnish and scratch more easily than other bands. But, you can add a rhodium plate for added protection!


Titanium is a strong durable metal, and because of that, a great choice for a wedding band. It holds a darker color and a lighter weight than other bands. And, it’s hypoallergenic!


Steel is one of the most affordable choices for a wedding band, so if you’re looking for something on a tight budget then this may be the band for you. Its durable exterior doesn’t produce scratches easily and it’s hypoallergenic.


Zirconium is a gray-colored metal that is strong and durable. This metal can also be heat-treated to make it scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic. The color of the metal turns black and the new name of it becomes “black zirconium.”


Tungsten is a strong metal that does not blemish easily. It is durable and hypoallergenic. This metal is much heavier than other bands, but it is brittle. So, be careful not to drop it because it could shatter or crack.

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