Finding An Engagement Ring on a Budget

Can you find an engagement ring on a budget? You really can find a beautiful engagement ring on any budget! When you’re in love and want to propose to the love of your life, not having the bank account to purchase a massive engagement ring can be heartbreaking. And, even know the price of the ring has nothing to do with the love you have to offer, you still want to give your partner something quality and special to symbolize your devotion.

Engagement Ring on a Budget

With these expert tips, you will be able to find the perfect engagement ring for your sweetheart without compromising your credit cards. So, wipe the sweat off your head, get out your calculator to determine your hard budget, and get shopping! We promise it won’t be too hard to find the ideal ring at a sweet price.

Look For Sales

The most logical thing to do when looking for a deal on an engagement ring purchase is to look for sales. That means strategically planning when to go shopping- which for some people can be hard because of busy schedules. Thank god for online shopping! Just make sure your partner doesn’t see the package.

Sales happen all-year-round, but there are some that you can bank on to be epic. During the holiday season between November and January, there are always major jewelry sales because we all know that there are a million proposals during that time. Family is around, the mood is cheery, so why not add to it with a romantic proposal?

Another big sale time is around Valentine’s Day, naturally! Love is in the air and so are the deals, so get them while they’re hot!

Go For A Cheaper Style And Cut

Of course, you want to get your partner a quality diamond. But, there is no reason why you must purchase them the most expensive one on the market. Different cuts, styles, and colors of diamonds are priced accordingly. Consider choosing a smaller carat size or a less expensive cut to match your wallet.

Also, bands also come in different price ranges. Choose a cheaper band in order to balance out the stone you choose. There are unlimited combinations that can make your ring affordable and still desirable.

Think Untraditional

In the modern age, more and more untraditional engagement rings are popping up. And, that’s great because it really lets a person’s personality shine through and make the engagement between the couple even more unique and special. If your partner is strictly traditional, however, this may not be the choice for you.

Some popular choices among untraditional engagement rings now are rough crystals, wooden bands, colored stones and gems, and cluster rings and other fun shapes. All of these options are more lenient than the traditional diamond when it comes to pricing. So, explore the options and see if anything sticks out to you!

Re-Gifting Is Always An Option

Now, we aren’t talking about taking a ring you bought for someone else and giving it to your current boo. That’s a definite No-No. What we are saying is sharing a family ring with your lover might be better than buying them their own ring.

Sharing a vintage piece from a family member such as a deceased grandmother or great-aunt is a sentimental way of welcoming your lover into your family. By gifting them with something that means a lot to you and your family, you will be letting them know how much they mean to you.

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