Engagement Ring Styles Guide

The big day is fast approaching when you’re going to ask your soul-mate to marry you, but you don’t know the differences between diamond engagement rings settings and style differences? This guide will help you with some basic information and give you a better understanding of the differences for metal bands and the stone choice. You should know by now, that marriage is a symbol of commitment and love, so therefore, the engagement ring is an essential part to any marriage proposal. Engagement ring styles make a huge difference!

The choices are vast for the ring band with options like yellow gold, sapphire, platinum, emerald, and white gold. How do you select a diamond and ring that’s going to be within your budget and still make your loved one feel like they’ve got a unique ring? This informative engagement ring styles guide below will help you with ring settings and differences in styles into making a solid purchase today.

Engagement Ring Styles
Engagement Ring Styles

Above are the common engagement ring diamond shapes. Round, Oval, Cushion, Pear, Emerald, Princess, Asscher, and Heart.

Consider These 6 Factors:

How do you want to present the ring to your partner.
The ring size of your partner.
The most you’re willing to spend.
The style of the ring.
The ring material the stone will be mounted on.
What type of gemstone are you going to purchase.

Where Do You Start with the various Engagement Ring Styles?

It would be a good idea to start by knowing the style of jewelry that your partner wears. Pay attention to the colors and try to notice if she wears romantic pieces or mostly traditional styles of jewelry. Is she someone who prefers a more modern style? Does she wear practical jewelry pieces or likes more subtle jewelry styles? Equipped with this information and knowledge will help you make an educated purchase. It put you in the best position possible to choose the right diamond engagement ring for your true love and your budget.

The Gemstone

Traditionally the diamond has been the gemstone of choice for engagement rings for centuries. They’re a symbol of purity and eternity and is in most cases mounted alone because it doesn’t need anything else to make a statement. The diamond alone speaks volumes and signifies your statement to the one you love. If a diamond is on your mind, there are some simple things you need to know before you proceed.

Engagement Ring Styles
Engagement Ring Styles


A diamonds value is determined by four things called; the 4Cs. These are expressed in color, cut, clarity, and the carat weight. If a diamond is clear? This means the diamond is purer than most diamonds and it will have very few imperfections, making this diamond out of most consumers price range, because it is the rarest and most expensive diamond in the world and the GIA grading for this type of diamond is a D grade. Going up the scale to Z decreases the value. To save you some time, look for a diamond in the k to L grade. This will still be a striking gemstone within a more affordable price range for engagement rings settings that the average consumer can afford.

The cut of the diamond you’re looking at is also significant. It will have the most considerable influence for a diamonds brilliance. A finely cut diamond will sparkle, whereas a poorly cut diamond will be uninteresting and look dull. A diamond cutter has perfected his work with years of experience and can cut amazing diamonds. When you’re in the presence of a perfect-cut diamond; the light that enters into the stone is reflected by mirror-like facets before it leaves the top. Look at the movement of light in the diamond, if you see it jumping everywhere and follow it back to its source, chances are it’s authentic and a finely cut diamond.

gemstone engagement ring examples

Other Gemstones

Depending on your budget and style of your marriage partner there are some less expensive options that will still make a statement and look beautiful on different types of metal bands. Some common gemstone engagement rings include –

Sapphire: is an expensive gemstone and it symbolizes sincerity and loyalty.
Rubies: are a symbol of deep passion, so if you or your loved one is a very passionate person, a ruby would be a fine selection.
Emeralds: are a deep mysterious green and symbolize fertility and true love.
Cubic Zirconia: If your budget doesn’t allow for a gemstone or diamond; a cubic zirconia which is a imitation stone, it could be your best option.

engagement ring metals

Choosing the Metal

Engagement rings settings are most common with gold metal bands. They symbolize elegance and purity. Not to mention that gold will always hold its current market value and gold is timeless. It’s the most sought out after metal for engagement rings over other finely crafted metals like platinum, steel, and titanium. Which these secondary choices may benefit you if your loved one prefers a specific metal type over gold. White gold is also starting to trend, so check into that option as well. Knowing these intimate things about your partner is going to help you with your selection and purchase.

Final Thoughts

One last bit of information you should know before you make your selection is the the carat. The carat is broken down into 3 main categories: 24K, 18K, and 14K gold. What this means is 24K gold is too pure and soft for a ring so an alloy is added to increase the rings hardness. An 18K gold ring will have 6 parts of another metal and 18 parts of pure gold; the 14K gold ring will have 10 parts of another metal and 14 parts of pure gold. Rings with a 14K gold rating are standard for most diamond rings to mounted on and are a concrete investment.

If you enjoyed this informative guide on engagement rings and style differences then you should  browse our many engagement ring styles or customize your own ring now!

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