The 3 best-selling engagement ring types



Engagement ring types make up a huge majority share of the engagement ring buying decision. Since the engagement ring is an essential element of your proposal, you should think carefully and put some effort to choosing what you believe with be the perfect ring for your loved one.


Engagement rings are gorgeous, dazzling, and traditional symbols of love and devotion. Here are some of the most common engagement ring types to help you take some of the stress out of your engagement ring shopping experience!


Engagement Ring Types



Solitaire Engagement Ring



solitaire engagement ring



Classic to vintage, and always a crowd favorite, this is the best way to describe this beautiful ring style.  Solitaire engagement rings are a preference of many men and women for their elegant, simple, single gemstone design that will never grow old! Your loved one has probably commented in passing about a solitaire ring he or she saw that they absolutely loved.



Three Stone Engagement Ring




three stone engagement ring



This beautiful, traditional diamond ring has side stones flanking the larger center diamond, which sits directly in the middle of the band. The equilibrium that the three-stone diamond pattern creates is hard to beat!



We particularly like this ring style as it’s extremely catchy no matter what size diamonds make up the ring. The larger center diamond can really pop with brilliance when it has two beautiful stones on the sides!



Halo Engagement Ring



halo engagement ring



The halo engagement ring is embellished with a thin “halo” of 16 tiny, round diamonds, which sit above a solitaire center stone to attract emphasis to the center stone while also giving it the appearance of having greater carat weight. These tiny diamonds are crucially important to emphasize the much larger center gemstone.



You will usually also have diamonds on the band as well, giving this beautiful engagement ring very nice total caret weight (TCW) and WOW looks! Halo rings are easily one of the most common engagement rings purchased today and we highly recommend them!



Diamond Cut Types used in Engagement Ring Types



The below common diamond cut types are also an important factor, here are some of the most popular cuts for the various engagement ring types:



Round – Oval – Cushion – Pear – Princess – Emerald – Marquise – Asscher – Radiant – Heart



diamond shapes



As you can see with the above cuts, you’ll have some choices to make! While these are just some of the engagement ring styles, they are by far the most popular today. Your significant other will be extremely happy when you decide to pop the question and open the engagement ring box. The bright, shiny diamond ring will be there, ready to defend your love as proof of your commitment!



PS – We realize how difficult it is to prepare for a proposal of someone you love. If these nerves prevent you from deciding how to pop the question, we are here to help!



The stress of coming up with a romantic and imaginative proposal idea can really be quite tiresome, and while the proposal can take tons of time and thought, wowing your special someone with the most beautiful, sparkling engagement ring you can afford shouldn’t, as you’ll see below, we want to make this simple for you!



Pro tip – make sure to pay special attention to what they are looking at when you’re considering a major purchase like an engagement ring. They may ‘like’ rings posted on social media, point out a ring on a character on their favorite TV show, or even drop a subtle hint while you are passing by a jewelry kiosk in the mall!



Make sure to check out the beautiful variety of engagement rings and choose something that you know will make your loved one say YES!







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