Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring

Engagement ring vs wedding ring, what are the differences, anyway? When you’re looking at engagement rings and wedding rings for the first time, understanding the differences can be kind of tricky. There are different metals, stones, sets, and all of them together might make your head swirl. However, it doesn’t have to be this hard.

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring

We are here to help you understand the difference between engagement rings and wedding rings and the important qualities to look for. Weddings can be extremely stressful, but shopping for the perfect rings doesn’t have to be!

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are, obviously, given at the time of the engagement. These are rings that you probably picked out without your partner’s help. This ring is like a surprise gift, paired with a life-changing question, that symbolizes commitment, faithfulness, and eternal love. Traditionally, only the person who was proposed to wears an engagement ring in the pair.

These rings look very similar to wedding rings. And, with modern fashions and trends could be practically anything from a diamond ring, to a huge colored gem, to a wooden band. There are practically no rules when it comes to picking the ring that is perfect for your boo.

Some people choose to give a ring and then a wedding band at the ceremony to match. Others choose to do the opposite and purchase a simple band and then save for an elaborate ring. It’s really up to you, your partner, your style, and your finances to determine the way you want to showcase your love on your fingers.

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are given at the time of the ceremony. And, traditionally both men and women receive a ring to show their attachment to each other. Although many men may opt out a ring because of their jobs, opinions about the sentiment, or just because they aren’t ‘jewelry guys’.

These rings traditionally include diamonds for the women- and for the men, simple bands of metal. However, as we mentioned before, in our new era of style, rings have changed quite a bit. A wedding ring could be any style of ring. Vintage rings and rings with unusual colored stones are quite common in this day in age.

Our biggest piece of advice when picking out a wedding ring is to have it match the engagement ring so that your partner can wear the two pieces as a set. This will allow your partner to wear two bands of commitment to you that will remind them how loved they are. Also, why put a perfectly beautiful engagement ring in the drawer to sit? Those diamonds are yours- wear them!

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