Breathtaking Gemstone Engagement Rings



Ah, the pretty gemstone engagement rings! There is a trend these days toward couples selecting gemstones other than diamonds for their engagement rings. In some cases small diamonds or chips flank the chosen gemstone, but it isn’t a diamond taking center stage.


Are there drawbacks to these choices? Will these couples enjoy the same longevity and quality of product when choosing to go with something other than a diamond for a ring she will wear for the rest of her life? Diamond engagement rings vs gemstone engagement rings has become a bit of a debate topic in recent years.



Gemstone Engagement Rings



First of all, let’s look at what may in fact be the obvious reason these couples are going with alternate gemstones in the first place. They are far less expensive than diamonds. While some may say they don’t want a conventional ring like a diamond solitaire—they may not hold that same opinion into the future.


Diamonds tend to age quite well, as do gemstones however with diamonds having a more neutral, traditional look, they may be preferred long after a gemstone.





Opinions from readers on Diamond Engagement Rings vs Gemstone Engagement Rings



opal engagement ring



“If, for example, a couple chooses an opal rather than a diamond as an engagement ring, they will see fine scratches develop rather quickly. Within a very few years the stone will lose its shine.”



ruby engagement ring



“A ruby will last longer than an opal, but still won’t wear with the resiliency of a diamond. This leaves the couple with one of two options. They may either replace the ring or she can continue wearing a ring sans its initial integrity and shine. Had the couple simply chosen a diamond in the first place, they wouldn’t be visiting this scenario.


Instead she would be wearing a quality piece of jewelry that needs only polishing and perhaps a tightening of prongs on a regular basis. Her engagement ring would retain its luster for her entire life.”



sapphire engagement ring



“Rubies, opals, sapphires and other gemstones make lovely rings. However those rings aren’t intended for everyday wear. Diamonds are the only gemstone that will live up to a lifetime of wear and tear and keep on shining. Isn’t the extra money spent on a diamond worth the lifetime of memories?”






We particularly like a nice, traditional emerald (the green one above). There is something so beautiful and classic about a big, bright green emerald!



More Opinions on Gemstone Engagement Rings



“If it’s color—or a lack thereof—that is preventing couples from investing in diamond engagement rings, perhaps they’re unaware that diamonds are available in a variety of colors? Buyers can choose from yellow, brown or “chocolate,” green, pink, purple, gray, black, orange or blue diamonds.”



It’s imperative to select a good quality setting for a diamond engagement ring, too. A 14 or 18-carat white or yellow gold ring—or platinum—is strong enough to withstand even the largest, most intricate of diamonds and settings.



Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for”? This applies strongly to the world of engagement rings. If you want that ring to last a lifetime, you must invest properly. There will be no regrets when this kind of careful consideration takes place prior to choosing an engagement ring.



We aren’t partial one way or the other and have seen stunning examples of both types! We hope you enjoyed our breathtaking gemstone engagement rings examples!



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