How To Choose An Engagement Ring


How to choose an engagement ring? Picking out the right engagement ring for your significant other can be incredibly stressful. Like, if asking a person to spend the rest of their lives with you and your annoying habits wasn’t stressful enough. So, how do you find out the style of ring that they want without totally ruining the surprise and falling into the lamest engagement story of all time?


It’s actually not that hard! We have gathered together some secret tricks that will allow you to make this whole process a lot easier. After you’ve found the trick that works for you, you can buy the perfect ring for your bae and then start to plan out the proposal. It’s as simple as 1-2-3! So, get your wallet ready! Here are our favorite sneaky tricks:


How To Choose An Engagement Ring


Sneaky Ways To Find Out What Ring They Really Want On Their Finger


Take Note of Their Style



It’s all about style. Some people are more minimalistic, wearing jeans and a tee on a regular basis, while others love to rock fringe, gemstones, and crazy colors. What does your significant other wear when they go to work? The grocery store? A party with friends?


Taking note of your partner’s style will definitely help you pick out the perfect ring. Jewelry is a huge part of fashion. So, if your lover is clean-cut and polished, then their ring should be too. But, if their style is eclectic, then maybe a colored gemstone or something with a vintage flair would better suit your boo-thang.


Ask Their Friends



Friends come in handy in many situations. And, when picking out an engagement ring for your honey, these comrades are invaluable. Your partner’s friends probably know them better than anyone else. And, chances are they have even mentioned the kind of ring they wanted before. Especially if your significant other is a woman…I mean, what girl doesn’t talk about their dream ring?


So, use these people as a research tool to find your lover their dream ring. And, be sure to thank them with some flowers or chocolate because you clearly couldn’t do it without them.


Look At Their Other Jewelry



It’s so important to look at their other jewelry. This is not only to pick up on their style but to make sure that it won’t clash with their go-to pieces. Seriously, you don’t want them to have to give up all their favorite pieces just because you got them a ring.


Make sure to take notice if they wear gold or silver or both! If your partner is a clear fan of gold, then a gold band is definitely best. If they’re all about the silver- then silver it is! If they wear both regularly, then either is a safe bet.


Stalk Their Social Media



Ok, maybe this sounds a little crazy, but social media is a giveaway for a lot of things about your significant other and not just what dog videos they think are hilarious or where they went for drinks with their co-workers. Social media can also help you to discover what type of ring they might want to display on their finger.


Look at your partner’s friends who are recently engaged to see if your lover commented about the ring. You can also look to see your boo’s posts and likes, maybe they shared a picture of some jewelry. Or, perhaps they liked a page of a specific jeweler. This might take time, but being a good detective takes work.


Bring Up The Topic Smoothly



Ok, we aren’t all smooth Sammys, but if you know how to bring up the topic of rings and style without dropping any hints, then this is one of the simplest ways to find out what your partner desires in a ring.


An easy discussion-starter is to bring up a friend who is recently engaged and make a strong opinion about their ring. This is a great trick to see how your lover responds. Do they agree with you? Or, do they disagree with you? This basic trick is an ideal place to start- just be sure to keep the conversation going while still being subtle.



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