How to clean a diamond ring at home


How to clean a diamond ring at home? It’s no surprise that wedding and engagement rings need a little upkeep. However, you may be putting off bringing it to the jeweler because of costs and having to say ‘buh-bye’ to your ring for a bit. But, it’s important that you keep your ring clean in order to maintain it’s shimmer, shine, and luxury appeal.


So, if you don’t want to take it to your local jeweler, why not clean it at home? Cleaning your ring at home is super easy and chances are you don’t charge as much as the jewelry store! Follow these simple steps to get your ring gleaming again. Remember, your ring should be thoroughly cleaned every six months. But, it doesn’t hurt to clean it between those scrubbing sessions.


How To Clean a Diamond Ring At Home


1. The Water



Get a small cup from your cupboard and fill it with hot water. We recommend using distilled water since it will not have any natural deposits and minerals, and will not react with the metal as hard or soft water might. It should be hot enough to help kill and dissolve bacteria. Many people choose to use a shot glass, but any small cup will work.


2. The Soap



Make sure when you add soap into the water that you do not add any with harsh chemicals that could eat away at your ring. This is why it’s best to use all-natural soaps. Also, be sure to never use a cleaning agent meant for the floor or tile, this will surely diminish the luxury appearance of your ring. You can dilute the soap even further with water to make sure that you’re being as gentle as possible. It’s safe to use Dove or equivalent dish soap, especially if you dilute with water.


However, if your ring just has a platinum or gold band and diamonds, rather than other stones such as pearls or rubies, you can use Windex to clean your ring without worrying about it killing the value or the shine!


3. Scrubbing



It’s best to use a soft-bristle brush when cleaning your ring. This will ensure that you won’t leave harsh scratch marks on the glimmering surface of your ring. Toothbrushes work nicely in a pinch! And, they help to get into the grooves of your precious ring. You will want to be very careful when you scrub any sort of jewelry and pay special attention to the material you’re using to scrub with as the softer the better to be safe.


4. Rinsing



Be sure to rinse your ring thoroughly with warm. You don’t want to leave any soap residue on the ring to sit for a long time, creating a film. This could cause it to eat away at the ring over time. Since  the warm distilled water is very safe, you can make sure your rinsing game lasts a little while, you do not need to rush this part!


5. Drying



Finally, when asking how to clean a diamond ring, we recommend you use a soft-to-the-touch cloth to dry your ring. The soft material will allow you to fully dry the ring without the fear of scratching it. After you dry your ring, you will be able to show off your shiny gem to everyone once again! We hope you found these articles on how to clean diamond jewelry at home useful. They may seem rather obvious at first glance however it is quite common for people to use either  harsh chemicals or aggressive scrub techniques which can damage beautiful diamond jewelry very fast.



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