How To Get A Ring Size Secretly


How To Get A Ring Size Secretly! Ok, so you’ve picked who you want to tie the knot with- that’s great! Step one is complete. But, then you have to start thinking of all the little details that go along with it. And, of course, buying an engagement ring is on the top of the to-do list.


But, what do you do when you don’t know your partner’s ring size and you want to keep the whole down-on-one-knee performance a surprise? Seems impossible, right?




We are here to help you find your significant other’s ring size without ruining the best day of their life thus far. So, you’re welcome.


How To Get A Ring Size Secretly


Here are some super sneaky ways to measure that ring finger:


Borrow A Ring



One really easy way to discover your boo’s ring size is to just borrow one of their rings and bring it to the jeweler. But, be sure to pick one that they wear on their ring finger. If they don’t have one they wear on that finger, then simply tell the jeweler which finger they do wear it on and they may be able to figure out what size your bae’s ring finger is based on that information.


If you can’t take a ring out of your partner’s jewelry box without them realizing it, then another good trick is to just trace the ring to the best of your ability and bring that tracing to the jeweler. That should give them enough to work with.


Ask A Friend



If your lover has a friend or a sibling that they are close to, they may be able to just tell you your significant other’s ring size. Seriously, how easy would that make your detective work?


However, some of us are not so lucky. So, another option is to have a friend or a sibling of theirs go with you to the jeweler. If they are a similar build, chances are they will have a similar ring size. It may not be totally accurate, but it would be a good start to finding the right size.


Compare Finger Sizes



Do you ever just hold your lover’s hands and really examine every inch of their fingers? Well, if not, then start because by comparing your partner’s hands with yours, it’ll be easier to pick out a ring for them when they are not present.


Also, don’t be too obvious about it. If they see you staring at their left ring finger, and sizing yours up with theirs, then they are definitely going to figure out what’s going on.


Measure Her Finger While They’re Asleep



This definitely won’t work for every couple. But, if your bae is a heavy sleeper, then totally take advantage of it. By measuring their ring finger when they’re sleeping, we mean!


Measuring a ring finger is super simple and this will definitely give you the most accurate result- if you can pull it off. Just don’t wake the dreamer!



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