6 helpful tips on how to store your jewelry



So, how to store your jewelry? Did you ever purchase some nice diamond jewelry only to find its color diminishing and it having a little less shine after a while? Have you ever found old, rusty jewelry that you had to throw out because it couldn’t handle the humid weather?


Diamond jewelry is a part of everyday life, and people often use it to look their best, but when it starts getting old and discolored, you start to wonder what options you have for this problem. Here are some of our helpful tips that you can use to extend the life of your diamond jewelry by storing it properly!


How to store your jewelry




1. The Jewelry Box


The first tip is investing in a good and efficient jewelry box. This is the number one way to keep your precious jewelry clean (and safe). The separate compartments not only allow you to quickly find the exact piece you want to put on for the day but it also helps to protect individual pieces in the event of a sudden jostle or even fall in some cases.


We recommend storing the jewelry box in a drawer to prevent a fall! For individual jewelry types, keep reading!


2. Storing Rings



Ring storage is actually one of the most simple jewelry types to store. Since rings are pretty much self contained and (usually) small, any simple ring display box such as the one above will suffice. We still recommend keeping such box in a safe place such a dresser drawer though.


This also helps to control humidity as it’s double enclosed when stored this way which will prevent corrosion. You can also throw in a jar of humidity beads or similar in the drawer to further control humidity.


3. Storing Earrings



For stud earrings should be kept in small pouches to avoid misplacement of a single piece of the pair. More dangly earring types should be hanged like the above.


If you find that you’re having to untangle more elaborate earrings regularly then hanging them this way is your answer; but make sure to store this setup in a safe place so that it does not get accidentally bumped!


4. Storing Necklaces


necklace hanging shelf


For necklaces we always recommend you hang them to avoid tangling; making sure the clasp is closed! Storing them this way also helps prevent breaking, binding, etc. The setup does not have to be fancy, you can find a cheap ready to go necklace hanging shelf like the one above at most stores.


It is important to note that the placement of the necklace jewelry needs to be such that it does not get damaged by normal day to day household events. For this reason, we recommend placing such a shelf in a closet or somewhere else out of the way such as to the right of a corner bureau.


For pearl and beaded necklaces, you may want to place them flat to prevent the thread from stretching.


5. Storing Bracelets


bracelet storage


For bracelet storage we recommend a loop holder style display such as the one above. You can also find such bracelet holders but made out of wood which may be preferred in some scenarios.


It is best to keep each of the pieces of jewelry separate in all circumstances. It helps if you store them in a dry, dark places prevent corrosion by too much oxygen. Also, remember to wipe down your jewelry before storing them to make sure they stay in the best conditions.


How do you store your jewelry so that it lasts as long as possible and always looks amazing? You take the time to properly store it, each and every time, not just throwing it on the dresser and saying to yourself, “I’ll sort that all out later”!


6. Cleaning Your Jewelry to Extend Life


Cleaning your jewelry is vital to prevent too many particles from getting deposited on your jewelry and damaging it. Cleaning methods are different for jewelry depending on the type of metal, beads, and gems used.


For copper and brass jewelry, soak your jewelry in a mix of 4 parts vinegar, and 1 part salt, then rinse with water and dry. Gold or silver-plated jewelry can be polished with a dry cloth when needed.


To clean diamonds, they can be soaked in some dish soap liquid such as Dawn/water mixture and cleaning using a very soft brush. Rinse it with water, dry a little and make sure to air dry them thoroughly before putting them on.


The most important rule to follow is never using any sort of harsh detergents on your jewelry. Even some of the jewelry cleansers available on the market contain harmful chemicals that can actually damage your fine jewelry!




We hope you found this article useful on how to store your jewelry helpful! By following our simple tips such as cleaning your jewelry regularly, storing it properly to prevent tangling and breakage, you too can keep your jewelry in excellent condition!


Please comment below on any specific steps you take in order to end the life of your jewelry!






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