Marriage Proposal Ideas That Never Get Old

Our marriage proposal ideas will for sure get you a YES! The internet is full of ideas on how to propose to your partner. And, you may feel overwhelmed looking at all the crazy creative options that fill our Pinterest and our newsfeeds. Like, seriously, they all look so romantic. So, how do you pick the perfect one for your partner?

Marriage Proposal Ideas That Never Get Old

We suggest you start here. Below are some of the best classic proposals that keep pleasing couples year after year. With each proposal style, there is wiggle-room to make it personal and completely your own. So, check them out. See what you like. And, get planning! Your boo is not going to wait forever!

In Nature

Nature is a classic romantic setting for any proposal. And, there are so many options in this category. You could propose on land, on the sea, on top of a mountain, in the middle of the woods, in a field, by a river, the options are endless! Nature always offers a great view and if you’re an outdoorsy couple, this is definitely a winning choice!

Up High

Being high up in the sky definitely adds a little extra adrenaline to any proposal. So, if you are an adrenaline-junkie, consider proposing to your partner on a plane, while skydiving, on a mountain, or in a hot air balloon. The views will be stellar and your heart will be racing for more than one reason.


Holidays are classic days to propose to your loved one. But, it isn’t just Valentine’s Day that is swamped with proposals. Christmas and New Years are also very popular proposal days!

In Front Of Family

It’s an incredibly sweet gesture to propose in front of your family or the family of your partner. It shows them how much you truly care and how everyone is excited to welcome you into the family. If you are feeling creative, get your family involved in the proposal, it will make it that much more special.

A Personal Creation

Getting crafty when it comes to proposing can be a lot of work, but it’s so worth it to see the look on your lover’s face. This one is tough because you really have to make the effort to create a totally unique never-before-seen creation for the proposal. Your creation could be with food, art, or even a locati0n! Just be free and creative and try to make the moment as special as can be for your significant other.

Your Special Spot

If you and your partner met at a certain spot, or there is a place you always go together, consider using this as a setting for your proposal. Setting your proposal in this location would remind your partner of your love for them and the special relationship you share!

Use the Dog

If you have a dog, you would be stupid not to utilize them in the proposal. People love their dogs. And, these proposals are just too cute! Also, who could say ‘no’ to those puppy-dog eyes?

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