Precious Metals Used in Diamond Jewelry

precious metals in diamond jewelry

Some common types of metals used in diamond jewelry are platinum, silver, and gold. Other metals consist of stainless steel and titanium. Gold alloys used in diamond jewelry range from 10 carats to 21 carats, whereas alloys consisted of platinum are 90 to 95% pure. Sterling Silver is a very common metal in jewelry manufacturing and is used on a robust scale for today’s market. Below is a list for some of these precious metals types. In this article we delve into the various precious metals used in diamond jewelry.

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How Lab Created Diamonds Effect Natural Diamonds

lab created diamonds

Sellers of lab created diamonds cringe when someone uses that word but in reality that’s exactly what they are. They might be 100% real diamonds, however, the biggest difference is synthetic diamonds are made from heat, carbon, and extreme pressure in a lab versus mining them naturally deep underground. Lab created diamond facilities are popping up all over the world and manufacturing their own diamonds. Making this a great opportunity for individuals looking to save a buck but has the potential for disaster in the natural diamond industry. Continue reading to see just how lab created diamonds effect natural diamonds!

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What Determines the Price of a Diamond

Two major factors for determining the price of a diamond are the current value and supply of mined diamonds available on the market. Unlike traditional retail stores selling products at set prices, diamonds have 4 different categories that affect the overall price. These are the clarity, cut, carat, and color of the diamond and are known as the 4C’s. All 4 of these factors can have substantial price variations amounting to the thousands.

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So Why is Diamond Color So Important?

You’re a guy, you fell in love with a girl and she’s so great you want to ask her to take the vow. Before you get there, you have this deep-seated desire to make the lady see that you are the greatest guy on the planet. I don’t mean ‘buying her love.’ It’s showing her love. Like the story of the great industrialist who began his career at the rock bottom. When he met the girl, he wished to marry he poured a small bag of peanuts into her hands and said, “I wish they were diamonds.” Many years later after he made his wealth, for one of their last anniversaries together he poured a small sack of diamonds into her hands and said, “I wish they were peanuts.” If you have the romantic chops, you can do it! Diamond color really does matter to her!

Then think about other cultures, like my friend. He fell in love with a lady while in Mozambique and wished to marry. To impress her with his ‘vast knowledge’ of African culture, he told her the story of The Ten Cow Woman. The story goes that in this one African village a woman’s worth was viewed according to how many cows a man was willing to pay the father for a marriage contract. So this young man noticed that in a family of beautiful sisters, one girl stayed back, out of the limelight. She didn’t smile, her hair hung. Not an attractive young lady at all. But the man went to her father and announced he wished to pay 10 cows for her hand. The father and the whole village was shocked, because who would ever give such an amazing amount for this girl? One cow, maybe two, but ten?

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Engagement Ring Shapes and Cuts

Deciding on an engagement ring for your lady is no small feat. There are so many engagement ring shapes and cuts that some couples find it easier to decide on a ring together. Or if you’re lucky enough to have a ring that’s been passed down through your family, then you’re already home! However, if you are the kind of guy who says, “Hold my beer,” when it comes to challenges, then picking out a surprise diamond ring is for you. It doesn’t sound so hard, huh? Are you sure? Because you are now on the hunt for the one piece of jewelry your fiancé will wear every single day for the rest of her life.

Will it go with her dresses, work clothes, jeans, evening wear? It won’t be a perfect match in every way, but if your fiancé is a CEO she might not care for a ring that looks like she moonlights making gypsy wedding dresses. But if she’s an artist, she might. So, your first job is to look at the girl. Which, I’m assuming, isn’t a difficult job for you.

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Diamond Symmetry and the Differences in Diamond Cuts

When buying diamonds, people often confuse between diamond shapes and cuts. They presume that both are the same. However, they are not. A diamond cut determines how exceptional a diamond is, whereas the shape of the diamond refers to its aesthetic feature. The diamond shape is something like an outline of the diamond. For example, a diamond shape can be round, pear shape, oval shape, heart shape, etc. But when it comes to diamond cuts, it refers to different facets, angles, symmetry, proportion, dimension and reflective features of the diamond which determines the beauty and the brilliance of the diamond. Differences in diamond cuts become apparent very quickly and are hugely a matter of taste.

There are different kinds of diamond cuts, and it depends on the proportion with which a diamond is cut. For instance, a cut of the diamond is based on the angle, size, and shape of each facet. A diamond cut is a central aspect that determines the quality of the diamond in terms of brilliance, fire, and sparkle.

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Buying an Engagement Ring? – Start Here!

If you’re a man buying a diamond engagement ring for the lady with whom you’ll spend the rest of your life, think of it like purchasing a motorcycle, or a new surfboard, or gaming components. You don’t acquire those things by walking in the door and telling the store clerk, “Just give me whatever’s cheap.” No, you look through several items, do test drives, calculate the cost and most of all you will happily educate yourself on make, model…all the little quirks. That’s the same way you’re going to buy this ring. Buying an engagement ring is a huge step but can be fun too!

First, what can you afford? Because an engagement ring should say, “I love you,” not, “I’m going to lead us into crippling debt.” The old rule used to be that you must pay between 2 and 3 months on this small treasure. However, a better question is: What can you comfortably handle? Money is always a concern. Try to save as much cash as you can to pay up front, or, if you can manage it, enough to purchase the ring outright. Just make sure payments won’t bust your monthly budget.

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Diamonds Engagement Rings vs Other Gemstones

There is a trend these days toward couples selecting gemstones other than diamonds for their engagement rings. In some cases small diamonds or chips flank the chosen gemstone, but it isn’t a diamond taking center stage. Are there drawbacks to these choices? Will these couples enjoy the same longevity and quality of product when choosing to go with something other than a diamond for a ring she will wear for the rest of her life? Diamond engagement rings vs other gemstones has become a bit of a debate topic in recent years.

First of all, let’s look at what may in fact be the obvious reason these couples are going with alternate gemstones in the first place. They are far less expensive than diamonds. While some may say they don’t want a conventional ring like a diamond solitaire—they clearly haven’t taken a look at the many non-conventional diamond engagement rings on the market. Yes, they can save money by not purchasing a diamond, but will likely regret the decision one day.

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A Brief History of Diamonds and How They Are Mined

According to legend, diamonds have the power to curse, heal, and protect. From around 3000 B.C. the pharaohs of ancient Egypt revered diamonds as symbols of power and truth. During the Middle Ages, diamonds were used in the form of a powder as medicine for the ill. More recently, though, the famous Hope Diamond was said to be cursed, as it caused the sinking of the Titanic. The history of diamonds dates very far back and is a little wrapped in mystery.

Whatever the truth is behind these legends, the diamond’s brilliance, purity, and clarity have made it a much sought-after gem for jewelry. And, with a hardness of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, it’s also a great choice if you’re looking for something durable to stand the test of time.

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Diamond Rings, Explained – The Basics on Diamond Types

For a long time, diamonds have been considered to be among the most precious stones that have ever existed because of their rare nature. This is because of their wide use in beauty. When it comes to beauty, diamonds have been used to show royalty. They have also been used to grace occasions such as weddings. We have compiled the various diamond types below and hope you find this information invaluable in your search for the perfect diamond ring!

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