Learn All About Ring Insurance

Ring insurance is just like any other insurance. It offers coverage on your ring in case something were to go wrong concerning it. Ring insurance can cover rings or other valuables, usually in the jewelry family. But, it is worth it? We are here to tell you the basics of what you need to know … Read more

When to take off your Engagement Ring

When To Take Off Engagement Ring

When to take off your engagement ring? You may think that taking off your wedding or engagement ring is totally taboo. However, there are times when it will actually suit you well to take it off in order to keep the ring in good shape and ensure that you don’t lose it. That is as … Read more

Buying Engagement Ring online

Buying engagement ring online? It is very common and has many great benefits. Thinking about buying an engagement ring online can be scary. Seriously, it’s a huge purchase. And, with any huge purchase sometimes it just feels more comfortable to see and touch what you are buying in person rather than anxiously waiting for it … Read more

Marriage Proposal Ideas That Never Get Old

Our marriage proposal ideas will for sure get you a YES! The internet is full of ideas on how to propose to your partner. And, you may feel overwhelmed looking at all the crazy creative options that fill our Pinterest and our newsfeeds. Like, seriously, they all look so romantic. So, how do you pick … Read more

Engagement Ring Shopping Together

Engagement Ring Shopping Together

Engagement ring shopping together is an awesome activity to do randomly; you can do it completely spur of the moment if you walk by a jewelry store. Obviously, when it comes to a proposal, you want an element of surprise. That’s why people question the modern idea of shopping as a team for the perfect … Read more

Lab Created Diamonds vs Real Diamonds

Lab Created Diamonds vs Real Diamonds. Alright, so it’s pretty obvious that not all diamonds are created equal. We know that diamonds come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and weights which determine how much we are pulling out of our wallets to purchase them. However, did you know that there are natural diamonds and synthetic-made … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Engagement Ring Metals

engagement ring metals

Check out these beautiful engagement ring metals! Picking the type of metal for your engagement ring band or wedding ring band can make you dizzy. There are so many options. And, when you are standing at the jewelry counter, looking at all the options, you may feel pressured to pick a band quickly. However, we … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Resize a Ring?

How Long Does It Take To Resize a Ring

So, how long does it take to resize a ring? Ok, so you got the ring and then you realized it’s a bit too big. Or, too small. Or, just fits kind of, weird? So, what’s next? Obviously, you need some expert help in order to fix the issue. You need your ring resized. How … Read more

Finding An Engagement Ring on a Budget

engagement ring budget

Can you find an engagement ring on a budget? You really can find a beautiful engagement ring on any budget! When you’re in love and want to propose to the love of your life, not having the bank account to purchase a massive engagement ring can be heartbreaking. And, even know the price of the … Read more