4 Unique Mens Wedding Bands

unique mens wedding bands

  We have found these cool and unique mens wedding bands! Making jewelry is a form of art and has been found to exist around ancient times with precious metals being forged into suits of armor fit for a King. The technological advancements in modern times have made the process of using metals like gold, … Read more

Top 5 – Our Authentic Jewelry Metals List

jewelry metals list

    We have compiled this compressive jewelry metals list below! Some common types of metals used in diamond jewelry are platinum, silver, and gold. Other metals consist of stainless steel and titanium. Gold alloys used in diamond jewelry range from 10 carats to 21 carats, whereas alloys consisted of platinum are 90 to 95% … Read more

Seriously, Are Lab Created Diamonds Real?

are lab created diamonds real

    Are lab created diamonds real? Sellers of lab created diamonds cringe when someone uses that word but in reality that’s exactly what they are. They might be 100% real diamonds, however, the biggest difference is synthetic diamonds are made from heat, carbon, and extreme pressure in a lab versus mining them naturally deep … Read more

Diamond Pricing Masterclass

diamond pricing

    You have come to the right place to learn about diamond pricing!  Unlike traditional retail stores selling products at set prices, diamonds have 4 different categories that affect the overall price. These are the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight; all commonly known as the 4Cs.   All 4 of these factors can … Read more

The Fascinating Diamond Color Chart

diamond color chart

    You’ve heard about the diamond color chart if you’ve started researching diamonds! Diamond color, one of the 4Cs of diamonds, is a natural color variation from near colorless to yellowish. We recommend you go grab a coffee, we have a little story for you!   Diamond Color Chart   You’re a guy, you … Read more

9 Glamorous Engagement Ring Cuts

  Engagement Ring Cuts   Deciding on an engagement ring for your special someone is no small feat! As you will see, there are so many engagement ring cuts that some couples find it easier to decide on a ring together. As you, the fiancé, may get overwhelmed with all of the choices! If you’re … Read more

GIA Ideal Cut Diamond Proportions

GIA Ideal Cut Diamond Proportions

    GIA ideal cut diamond proportions provide the standards for the ideal diamond cut. When buying diamonds, people often get confused between diamond shapes and diamond cuts. They presume that both are the same. However, they are not. A diamond cut determines how exceptional a diamond is, whereas the shape of the diamond refers … Read more

Buying an Engagement Ring Should Be Fun!

buying an engagement ring

    If you’re a man, buying an engagement ring for the lady with whom you want to spend the rest of your life with should be a fun experience. Let’s think of it like purchasing a motorcycle, or a new surfboard, or the newest gaming console. You don’t just acquire those things by walking … Read more

Breathtaking Gemstone Engagement Rings

gemstone engagement rings

    Ah, the pretty gemstone engagement rings! There is a trend these days toward couples selecting gemstones other than diamonds for their engagement rings. In some cases small diamonds or chips flank the chosen gemstone, but it isn’t a diamond taking center stage.   Are there drawbacks to these choices? Will these couples enjoy … Read more