What Is A Black Diamond?

What is a black diamond? Black diamonds aren’t seen too often on the ring fingers of married women, but they are definitely a thing. For some, they are gothic and romantic. And, for others, they are seen as quirky yet beautiful. Although, some may not like them at all. But, that’s ok, it’s simply a … Read more

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring

Engagement ring vs wedding ring, what are the differences, anyway? When you’re looking at engagement rings and wedding rings for the first time, understanding the differences can be kind of tricky. There are different metals, stones, sets, and all of them together might make your head swirl. However, it doesn’t have to be this hard. … Read more

Proposing To Your Boyfriend

Proposing to your boyfriend is being quite common. I mean come on, wake up! It’s 2022, where women do what they want! Not what society tells them is acceptable. So, that’s why we are here to tell you that ‘hell, yes’ you can most certainly propose to him! Seriously, some men take forever to make … Read more

When Will He Propose?

Ok, girl, we know, when will he propose?! We totally know how incredibly frustrating it can be to wait for him to make his move. We’re talking the BIG proposal, of course.   Seriously, you’ve been dating a long time, you talk all about your love for one another, you may even be living together … Read more

What Is a Promise Ring?

what is a promise ring

What is a promise ring? We’ve all heard of promise rings. But, do we really know what they are? Like, what do they represent? Also, what do they look like? Are they similar to classic engagement rings or are they completely different?   Obviously, we have a lot of questions. So, let’s get to answering … Read more

How To Tell If Diamond Is Real

how to tell if diamond is real

How To Tell If Diamond Is Real. Ok, so it’s totally natural to be skeptical about whether the diamond your boo gave you is actually real or not. We know that the price of the piece does not give any indication of how much your partner loves you. But, it would be nice to have … Read more

The Best Occasions To Buy a Diamond Ring

  The best occasions to buy a diamond ring. Diamonds are an absolutely beautiful gift. They’re timeless and lovely. And, seriously, who wouldn’t want to be gifted one? So, it’s only right that we should purchase them for multiple occasions.   When you set out to buy a diamond, you may think you have to … Read more

Diamond Cut Types Explained

diamond cut types

Diamond cut types explained! The diamond cut is probably not what you’re thinking; It’s not the particular shape of the diamond. Such as a princess cut or an oval cut. The word “cut” actually refers to how the diamond reflects light…or, how sparkly it is. Diamond Cut Types Explained However, the shapes of the diamond … Read more

How Much Should You Spend on a Ring?

  How much should you spend on a ring? Engagement rings can definitely take a hit on your wallet. But, it’s a piece that embodies your love for your partner. So, isn’t it only right you spend all your hard-earned cash on it?   The truth is, the purchase of an engagement ring doesn’t have … Read more

The 4Cs of Diamonds and their meaning

diamond 4cs

The 4Cs of diamonds and their meaning. When picking out a ring, it’s important to understand what you’re actually spending your money on. Seriously, this little trinket is a mighty weight on your wallet, so don’t you want to know what you’re getting? Not to mention, this diamond is a symbol of love toward your … Read more