Pink diamond engagement rings and 6 other bold colors!


Pink diamond engagement ring you say?! We can understand how someone might be more drawn to a beautiful colored diamond like a pink diamond for instance. Let’s face it, he or she is going to wear that ring for the rest of their life so of course they’ll want it to say something about them and who they are.


Hey, if your eyes are rolling right now, just remember, color is important! However, since only one in every 10,000 diamonds possess natural color, we know, going in, that these diamond will have a higher cost.


Pink Diamond Engagement Ring


A pink diamond engagement ring is a beautiful site to behold! Keep in mind, pink is just one of the many naturally occurring diamond colors besides the typical white diamond that most people think of when thinking about diamonds.

pink diamond engagement ring



So, what exactly is a pink diamond? According to Wikipedia, “Pink diamond is a type of diamond that has pink color. The source of their pink color is greatly debated in the gemological world but it is most commonly attributed to enormous additional pressure that these diamonds undergo during their formation.


Pink diamonds belong to a subcategory of diamonds called fancy color diamonds, the generic name for all diamonds that exhibit any sort of color.”


The process is called High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT). This procedure is also used to “paint” colorless diamonds. For instance, an extremely light brown diamond can be changed into a D colorless diamond, the highest grade of color. Other colors like the greens AND pinks are achieved through dyeing or irradiation.


Some people don’t mind that their color came from a machine, others do. Naturally occurring colors happen via HPHT, but it’s in the ground, not a device. The beautiful colors come from things like impurities and defects.


Below are some more naturally occurring diamond colors and how they look in various engagement ring form.


Other Fancy Color Diamonds


Brown Diamond Engagement Ring



brown diamond engagement ring



Brown diamonds occur because of a structural defects known as lattice. On the molecular level, it’s a deformation that causes certain wavelengths of light to be absorbed and others reflected. As it forms, the stones color spectrum is in the pinks moves to red and finally brown.



Green Diamond Engagement Ring



green diamond engagement ring



Green colored diamonds get their color from the naturally occurring radiation just below the earth’s surface. Is there anyone out there who hasn’t seen a cartoon image of glowing green hue associated with radiation? There is actually a reason for that!



Blue Diamond Engagement Ring



blue diamond engagement ring



Blue and Gray diamonds have traces of boron trapped within their structure giving us those shades.



Purple Diamond Engagement Ring



purple diamond engagement ring



Geologist have no idea why purple diamonds are purple. At least they’re honest. They do have a theory that it is due to post-growth plastic deformation. Since we’re all certain what even that means –


“Plastic deformation is a process in which permanent deformation is caused by a sufficient load. It produces a permanent change in the shape or size of a solid body without fracture, resulting from the application of sustained stress beyond the elastic limit.


Plastic deformation can be applied in the creation of a variety of items constructed with metal or plastic, and can be conducted under controlled circumstances, or may occur unintentionally. Geologists believe this post-growth deformation happens when the diamond travels from the mantle to the surface through magma.”


No wonder they’re so super rare!



Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring



yellow diamond engagement ring




Yellows and oranges develop because the element nitrogen becomes trapped inside before the crystallization process takes place.



Black Diamond Engagement Ring



black diamond engagement ring



The mysterious black diamonds exist because of the tiny amounts of graphite or iron that makes its way inside.


As you can see, they are all gorgeous diamonds. We do have a soft spot for a pink diamond engagement ring though, they are just so beautiful to see! If you know your loved one likes fancy colored diamonds, then you may want to look at engagement rings that incorporate them inside of the traditional white diamond.


As far as pricing on a colored diamond, you could theoretically slice a bit off a 1 carat colored diamond, to say .9 or .8 carat and it wouldn’t really be noticeable because of the color; this will slash some off the cost. Also, because it’s a colored diamond you can even pick one with a couple of inclusions in its clarity because they won’t show up either.


Again, the price goes down. Then if you were going for a grade Excellent cut, a grade ‘Very good’ won’t appear any different either. You could end up not affecting your budget at all and still bring her the ring he or she has always wanted. You have to admit, that’s not a bad way to start!


To keep the price down even further, always return to the 4C’s: Color, Carat, Cut, and Clarity. Naturally, a colored diamond whether a pink diamond or black diamond will be the main focus of your purchase, it’s deepness, the intensity.


The first question you have to ask yourself is do you want a naturally colored diamond or one that is artificially colored? Yes, a pink diamond is damn beautiful though! Color-treated diamonds are regular diamond that weren’t all that desirable, like pale yellow. Then the color is enhanced dramatically. It can even be changed to shades of blue, or purple or red.


Most any fancy color diamond engagement ring including a pink diamond engagement ring can be found here!






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