Proposing To Your Boyfriend

Proposing to your boyfriend is being quite common. I mean come on, wake up! It’s 2022, where women do what they want! Not what society tells them is acceptable. So, that’s why we are here to tell you that ‘hell, yes’ you can most certainly propose to him!

Seriously, some men take forever to make the leap to propose. Granted, it can be a scary decision. But, if you know it’s right and you feel good about making the first step, then there is nothing that should be holding you back. Love has no rules!


Proposing To Your Boyfriend


Here are the reasons why you should propose to your man:


Change the Game



If women aren’t making the leap to do the things that society says they can’t- then how is anything ever going to change? It is the women’s duty to rise up and start challenging these societal norms, in order to create a new dynamic within the system. Women have done this for centuries and this is just another bump in the road to overcome.


Because, really, there is absolutely no reason why a woman has to wait on a man to ‘pop the question’. Love is not a solo journey. It is a journey between two people, so isn’t only fair that the woman can make the decision to ask that long-awaited question? We think so!


You’re Hopelessly in Love



Ok, girl, if you are madly hopelessly head-over-heels in love with your boo, then doesn’t that trump everything? Why would you listen to the outside world when the only world you care about is the one you share with your lover?


Feeling passionate and in love can make you feel fierce and risky. So, use that energy to propose to your partner. And, forget about what everyone else says about a woman getting down on one knee. For love, it’s totally worth all the criticism.


Men Should Feel Special Too



It’s been a tradition that men are the ones to ask a woman to share their life with them. However, this classic way of proposing puts the woman in the spotlight to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. They also get the gift of surprise, which is something all humans like now and again.


So, why not propose to your partner and make HIM feel special? Men like to be pampered and treated too. And, by you getting down on one knee he will be shocked, surprised, feel appreciated, and be grateful to have you in his life.


Your Partner Is Really Nervous



Proposing is a lot of pressure on anyone. But, if you know that your lover is particularly shy then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ‘man-up’ and get down on one knee for him.


This act of consideration to his personality will make him feel at ease and in love and he says ‘yes’ to your big question. He will feel like you completely know and understand him, which is important if you’re going to be spending the rest of your lives together.


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