Resize Engagement Ring

This is an area that a lot of people, especially men, tend to forget about when they purchase the Resize Engagement Ring. Unless you know your significant other’s ring size? You’ll need to take the ring to a jeweler to have it resized. What does this entail? We’ll help you with this comprehensive guide on resizing a ring. We hope you find these best practices helpful if you need to resize your engagement ring!

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How to Resize Your Engagement Ring

What Does It Mean to Resize a Ring?

To resize a ring means that it needs a small surgery to happen on the rings inner part under the finger. The ring is heated up and split open and either some material is subtracted or another piece of material is fused into the ring to make it larger. Resizing a ring can be complicated, however, this explanation pretty much sums it up. It’s important to realize that not all rings can be resized. It may be that your engagement ring is too complicated to resize safely however the vast majority of rings can be resized.

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Read the Fine Print

It’s vital to make sure there’s an exchange or return policy in writing. Ask the jeweler if you’ve a ring resizing policy with your purchase and have him show it to you. Larger jewelry stores will offer some ring resizing policies that includes eternity rings. For you, this may be just resizing a ring for your significant other but to them, it’s an exchange because they need to start over. In most cases, a size down or up is included with your purchase. Ask the jeweler.

Planning for a Resize Engagement Ring in the Future

After you buy your diamond engagement ring life throws some unexpected curve balls at us and there may come a time in the future where your ring needs to be resized. The size is usually up. When you add a wedding band into a situation it increases the width and what happens when you add width? The ring fits tighter. It’s very likely that there will come a time when your ring hurts going over the knuckle. The truth is we don’t get smaller with age; joints and tissues will expand and for women who are pregnant especially.

How many times will a ring need to be resized in its lifetime? Usually, twice and sometimes a few more if the band is in poor shape. If your ring doesn’t have any gemstones, there’s a lot more leeway in future resizing. If your ring is dotted with gems, resizing in some cases is limited or avoided altogether. There are a lot of different techniques to deal with resizing things like euro shanks, sizing bars, and sizing beads. Ask your jeweler about resizing options for the ring you’re looking at and if it does have gems on the band will it be a future issue?

Resize Engagement Ring

Men’s Wedding Ring Size

The average wedding ring size for men is size 8 and for a typical ring that’s about 4 to 6mm wide. If you’re shopping in a jewelry store most of the rings you see in the display cases are a size 8 to 9. Most men tend to wear a single wedding band and there are various styles to choose from. A lot of times men think they have to match their significant others ring? That’s not always true. You don’t have to match their ring, you can choose the style you want.

Hopefully, this article has helped you with figuring out what to do when resizing a ring is necessary. It’s always best if you can get a significant others ring size first, but sometimes it hard if you’re trying to keep it a secret.

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