This Ring Makes My Finger Look Fat?

This ring makes my finger look fat?!? When deciding on the style and shape of the engagement ring, you want to make sure it looks on your hand right? Seriously, like most women, you’ll want to post that killer pic on Instagram to get everyone swooning about your recent engagement to be married. So, how do you know what is going to look good on your well-manicured hand?

Below, you will find all the information you need to know about picking the ideal style for your handshape. So, take some time studying your hand to determine what qualities it has. This will help you in choosing your style and creating that perfect Instagram-able shot.

This Ring Makes My Finger Look Fat?

Rings For Short Fingers

If you have short fingers you’ll want to find a way to make them longer. Not accentuate their stubbiness. First, you’ll want to pick a thin band. Ideally, one that doesn’t take up half of your finger. The thinner the band, the more finger length it looks like you have. Another trick is to pick a stone, such as an oval shape that will lengthen your fingers. It’s the concept of wearing vertical stripes to seem taller.

Rings For Long Fingers

If you have long fingers, then you’re in luck because you can wear any style you damn well please and look good doing it! With long fingers, you can definitely rock some gaudy pieces and weird unique shapes. And, that’s because you have a big enough canvas to showcase it.

Rings For Skinny Fingers

For skinny fingers, it’s best to choose a smaller stone on a bigger band to help them seem wider. We aren’t telling you to shoot for fat looking fingers, but you also don’t want to overwhelm your skinny fingers with huge gems that look like they are weighing you down.

Rings For Wide Fingers

When picking out a ring for wide fingers, you want to avoid narrow stones. You want to pick a ring that matches the size of your finger. So, nothing too small and dainty or it will look like it’s suffocating you. Angular shapes and cluster-style rings are perfect for wider fingers.

Rings For Small Hands

If you have small hands, go for small stones. Dainty delicate rings look absolutely beautiful on a small-handed girl. Bigger stones tend to look out of place and overwhelming.

Rings For Big Hands

Big bold styles such as cluster rings and thick bands are perfect for people with big hands. These dramatic looks won’t look too crazy when paired with someone of similar hand size. If you do have big hands, then take advantage of all the fun and funky rings you can choose from!

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