She Said No – What No One Tells You



She Said No!?! The day is finally here and your numerous rehearsals are about ready to be put to the test. The time is here to ask the woman you love to marry you. You’re most likely more nervous than at any other time in your life but it’s time to do the deal.


You can see yourself getting down on one knee and asking those four dreaded words, “will you marry me?” and you’ve already anticipated the part of sliding on the ring. She said no. No doubt a total bummer! So, now what do you do with the engagement ring?



she said no



She Said No – What about the Ring?



Return the Engagement Ring



Hopefully you bought the ring from a reputable jeweler that has a fair return policy. Returning the ring to the jewelry store really is your best option. Be advised that some jewelers may allow for a full or partial refund and this mostly applies to non-custom rings.



If the return policy doesn’t have a full refund policy, you can expect to get about half of the purchase price for your diamond ring. Depreciation for a diamond leaving a store is the same as a new car leaving the dealer’s parking lot.



Sell the Engagement Ring Online



Returning the ring to the jeweler didn’t turn out to be a viable option, you can try selling your ring online with sites like, Craigslist, eBay, and social media sites like Facebook. The biggest benefit for this approach is you’re more likely to get more money for your ring simply by being honest about her saying no.



Play the sympathy card to your advantage and get as much money back as you can. Beware of online scam artists that prey on sites like Craigslist, always met in a public place and bring a friend.



Pawn the Engagement Ring



If the ring is causing serious feelings of being rejected by the one who said no and the pain is too much? Do yourself a favor and pawn the damn thing, put some cash back in your pocket, forget about it, and move on. There’s a good chance you might see something while your there that you like?



A wicked cool trade might give you more value than selling it and turn this crappy ordeal into a new electric guitar and get your dignity back. Expect about 25% of the value to be offered by a typical pawn shop. It’s not the best deal but it’s fast and viable.



Save the Engagement Ring



Saving the ring might be an option down the road, she’s not going to be the only woman to come into your life and this could save you money down the road. If the ring is a heirloom, then it’s not a question on whether you should save it or not, give it back to the person who gave it to you.


Also, take into consideration if you propose again, some women will reject you with a ring meant for someone else. Stepping up your game in this situation will be vital for her not knowing.



Deconstruct the Diamond Ring



A last ditch option is to take the ring to a jeweler and have the diamond removed. You can use the diamond for another go-at-it down the road and usually get a quick $50 bucks in a pawn shop for the ring band.


This is still a financial hit below the belt but your odds will greatly increase with your future bride-to-be by using the diamond to create a new engagement ring without the attachment of the one who said no.



Therapeutic Approach if All Else Fails



Find a nice flat rock, place the engagement ring on it, and smash it with a 20 lb. sledge hammer. Always wear safety goggles for your protection. The overall effects are very expensive, however, the therapeutic effects are dynamic and your dignity is instantly restored. This is more of a funny recommendation to cheer you up, we don’t actually recommend you do this method!



We understand that not all engagements and proposals have fairy tale endings. Buying your ring from a reputable company will give you peace of mind in case she said no and you’re not stuck with an expensive ring that is no longer special to you.





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