The Best Occasions To Buy a Diamond Ring


The best occasions to buy a diamond ring. Diamonds are an absolutely beautiful gift. They’re timeless and lovely. And, seriously, who wouldn’t want to be gifted one? So, it’s only right that we should purchase them for multiple occasions.


When you set out to buy a diamond, you may think you have to automatically get down on one knee, but that’s not always the case. Read on to discover the different celebrations you can purchase a diamond for…as if you needed a reason!


The Best Occasions To Buy a Diamond Ring





This one is obvious. The diamond is the average Joe of all engagement rings. It’s a classic stone that everyone is dying to get on their fingers…as long as it’s from the right person. Because of this, diamonds have become a symbol of love and promises.





To follow up the engagement ring, there is the wedding band, which oftentimes is made to fit together with the initial ring to create a beautiful set. Not all wedding bands consist of diamonds, but many do, often circling the smooth silver or gold frame with a band of small stones.


Anniversary Gift



There is no better way to show someone you’re still madly in love with them then by gifting them with a diamond ring. Seriously, nothing ignites an old flame like the thrill of a sparkling diamond gem.


Promise Ring

Promise rings may seem a little old-school, but their popularity is actually still strong- just ask any jeweler. Many promise rings contain small diamonds in the center or placed around the band. Engravings on promise rings are also extremely popular, not only to personalize it but to set it apart from an actual wedding ring.


BIG Birthday



Although not everyone is lucky enough to get a diamond ring on their Sweet 16, some are! Big birthdays like 16, 21, 30, and 50 are definite reasons to celebrate. And, what better way to celebrate than by rocking a 2-carat diamond?



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