Tips For Buying Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are a moment in your life when the diamond you buy for your love, is going to last forever. It make it the single most important purchase in your life, so let’s get it right. The average consumer spends an average of $5,900 on such a purchase. It also a parody that millennial males making a $6000 dollar purchase have no clue on what they’re doing. If it’s expensive, then it must be a good quality diamond. Not necessarily so, you might of just spent an extra $2000 dollars that could of went into the man-cave. Now that we have your attention, it’s time to talk diamonds and what are the basics when looking for an engagement ring. Read more to view all of our engagement ring recommendations!

It’s very common for couples to shop together, however, it’s a good plan to know what you’re looking at and is it worth the price the seller is asking According a recent weddings study; 18,000 brides and grooms just got hitched, spending an average of $6000 per engagement ring. We’re talking about 2 to 3 months of average salaries for most blue-collar American workers. This is not couch change, it’s hard earned money that’s hard to come by and needs to be invested right the first time. You’re in luck, today is your lucky day. We’ve done the research for you and we’re going to get you going in the right direction.

Engagement Ring

Our Tips For Buying Engagement Ring

The 4Cs of the Diamond

This is a very stand term in diamond lingo and definitely one you should know. All diamonds are priced and graded on these 4Cs. They are the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. No matter the order, it doesn’t matter all 4Cs are important aspects of each individual diamond. Be sure to read some of our other articles on the 4Cs and gain a more insightful aspect on things you may haven’t known before.

The Metal of The Engagement Ring

In most cases you should buy either platinum or gold for durability. Your love may already have a color theme with her existing jewelry. In this case, if she like silver, then white gold or platinum would make a good choice in metal. If she loves gold, then that’s a no brainer, stick with it. It’s totally up to the individual to decide what is the best metal for the wearer, this is just some food for thought.

The Stone of The Engagement Ring

The stone is what you want to look for when buying an engagement ring. Diamonds are atypical of current trends, however, other gems are always an option. An epidemic of robust proportions during the 1930s lead to De Beers to an innovative marketing strategy of all time, he literary coined the phrase, “Diamonds Are Forever” in an attempt to boost sales. It’s safe to say, it worked. Know your partners style, daily habits, and work environments are for normal wear-and-tear. You can learn more on durability and hardness by visiting our site.

Sizing of The Engagement Ring

Finally, ring sizing is very important and want you want to look for when buying an engagement ring. You can put an existing ring on your partners finger and place a mark where it hits. If she is going to wear it on her left hand make sure to go down a 1/4 in size. The best option and old reliable is a ring sizer.

We hope you enjoyed some of our engagement ring recommendations, bookmark this site as we are constantly adding more!

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