4 Unique Mens Wedding Bands


We have found these cool and unique mens wedding bands! Making jewelry is a form of art and has been found to exist around ancient times with precious metals being forged into suits of armor fit for a King. The technological advancements in modern times have made the process of using metals like gold, titanium, and platinum an ideal choice for making bands for diamonds.


There are more metals choices today than at any other time in history. Read more of this article to gain knowledge of the metals and processes used to make unique mens wedding bands! PS – you should also check out part 1 of our jewelry metals list series!



Unique Mens Wedding Bands



Metals and Consumer Popularity


Metals like platinum and titanium have seen a steady rise in popularity, however, 14k and 18k yellow gold remains the forerunner and is the most popular choice for consumers. The luxurious and elegant look of yellow gold is hard to beat and white gold is becoming another popular choice for consumers who don’t care for yellow gold. White gold has a chemical property that makes it more valuable than Sterling Silver as it will not tarnish like Sterling Silver does and its neutral composition will complement virtually any color stone.



mens gold wedding band


Platinum Metal


Platinum has become very popular over the years because of its hardness and its composition that enables it to last forever. This symbol of everlasting love is the reason why it’s such a popular wedding band for many couples around the world.


Platinum rings are purer than bands made of gold for the reason that platinum is 95% pure and 18k gold is 75%. Platinum has the appearance of white gold but is significantly more durable, scratch resistant, and longer lasting. Making platinum more expensive than gold and a solid investment.



mens platinum wedding band


Titanium Metal


Titanium has gained popularity with consumers because of its light-weight, durability, and aesthetic appeal. This material also looks a lot like white gold and is considerably lighter. It’s so light, that you would never know there was a ring on your finger.


Men’s rings typically are larger than a females ring and this metal is leaving a footprint on men’s preferences for alternative wedding bands in the 21st century.



mens titanium wedding band


Gold Metal


Gold is the top dog for overall popularity choices for the metal to hold the precious diamond forever. Gold is an elegant choice available in 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k gold. The most popular wedding band choice for consumers is 14k gold. 14k gold is in the middle of the spectrum and offers solid protection at an affordable price.


It doesn’t tarnish easy, it’s scratch resistant, and durable; making it the most popular metal for engagement rings and other jewelry applications.





Palladium Metal


Is very precious and rare and when compared to the other metals discussed in this article, all of them are precious and rare. Did you know that Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Gold are the only 4 metals listed in the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) currency code?


Which means the price for any one of these metals can be determined by numerous factors connected to their demand and availability and the best part? Subject to change daily. Palladium is right at the top of the list with gold and platinum. Statistically platinum is 15 times rarer than gold. Palladium, even rarer.



mens palladium wedding band


Final Thoughts on Metals Used to Make the Best Unique Mens Wedding Bands


These metals are an important part to selecting wedding bands and this articles sole purpose was to give you a better understanding of why certain metals cost more than others and the many different properties that affect the price range.


Let us know know in the comments which is your favorite!


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