What Is A Black Diamond?

What is a black diamond? Black diamonds aren’t seen too often on the ring fingers of married women, but they are definitely a thing. For some, they are gothic and romantic. And, for others, they are seen as quirky yet beautiful. Although, some may not like them at all. But, that’s ok, it’s simply a question of taste!

What Is A Black Diamond?


These untraditional colored diamonds seem to be totally trending right now and are on the rise as more and more against-the-classic styles filter into the wedding world. But, would you ever consider replacing your clear cut traditional diamond for this dark diamond gem?

Here are some things to know about black diamonds before you make that courageous leap:

A black diamond is a diamond that is black…duh. However, the answer, of course, is not that simple. There are three kinds of black diamonds: natural black diamonds, man-made black diamonds, and treated black diamonds.
Natural black diamonds consist of diamond, graphite, and amorphous carbon. These elements are combined into one gothic yet glamourous stone. The reason these natural diamonds are the color that they are is that there is an extensive amount of inclusions mixed with a cluster of graphite. This beautiful combination is what gives the diamond the black-colored appearance.

Man-made black diamonds are not real diamonds. These are a synthetic lab-grown faux made to look like a natural black diamond. Sure, they’re pretty, but they are not the real-deal by any means.

Treated black diamonds are white diamonds with many inclusions. These white diamond have been turned black in the lab using techniques such as irradiation or heat. The white diamonds used are considered practically useless. So, these “useless gems” are treated in order to give them some purpose.

How Much Are Black Diamonds?

As we said previously, there are three different types of black diamond rings available on the market. All of these rings have different price points, naturally. Here is the average breakdown…

Natural Diamonds:$1,500-$3,000 per carat for the stone and $2,500 – $3,000 for a natural black diamond ring.

Man-Made Diamonds: Prices vary as there are different levels of quality when it comes to lab-made black diamonds.

Treated Black Diamonds:$200 per carat for the stone.

Should You Consider A Black Diamond Ring For Your Partner?

Buying a black diamond ring for your partner is definitely a question of style. If your partner is non-traditional and considers themselves a little gothic, then a black diamond is a perfect choice. However, if you know your partner to be a bit more classic then maybe stray away from the dark gem.

Whatever you decide, just remember that black diamonds come in three different qualities. So, be picky and ask questions before making a big purchase!

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