When Will He Propose?

Ok, girl, we know, when will he propose?! We totally know how incredibly frustrating it can be to wait for him to make his move. We’re talking the BIG proposal, of course.


Seriously, you’ve been dating a long time, you talk all about your love for one another, you may even be living together and STILL, there are no “I dos” predicated in the near future. Why?


Boys are…well, scaredy-cats, to be frank. They may act confident and suave, but on the inside, they’re shaking terrified, worried if you love them the same way that they love you. Love is frightening because it’s vulnerable. But, it’s also amazingly beautiful. So when your significant other finally decides to pop the question, it will have been worth the wait.


When Will He Propose?


Signs He’s Close



You may have picked up on signs that he’s meaning to propose to you. Or, you may have missed them completely because you’re so damn frustrated with the situation. But, hey, that’s ok. We are here to list a few key ways you can tell if he’s thinking of proposing…


  1. He has been paying attention to your jewelry style or asking about ring-size.
  2. He is being hush-hush about phone calls and what he’s searching on the web.
  3. He’s talking to your friends or family more than normal.
  4. He planned a special vacation or date with you out-of-the-blue.
  5. You’ve talked about marriage before and he’s positive about the idea.


If any of these things ring a bell, now that we’ve mentioned them, then chances are you’re not too far off from an engagement. So, hang in there, girl!


Ways to Push Without Being Pushy



Ok, lady, so listen up! There are some ways to push the idea of marriage onto your significant other, without being too pushy or obvious. Here they are…


  1. Get a pet together.
  2. Suggest moving in together.
  3. Plan a vacation together.
  4. Start having regular family dinners.
  5. Leave him a love letter letting him know you want to be his forever.
  6. Attend other weddings together and comment on how much it means to you.
  7. Openly talk about the future.


You never want to push too hard when it comes to a proposal. But, it’s definitely ok to drop a few hints here and there to let your partner know that you’re ready to say “I do”.


The Waiting Game



So, if you’ve already dropped some hints and still nothing has happened, then you’re probably just (im)patiently waiting for that big question. And, we know it’s hard to sit still and just be calm.


However, it’s important to remember the essence of your relationship outside of the hoped-for engagement. You are with your partner for a reason and sometimes relationships take patience. You are and your partner might not be on the same timeline, and that’s ok. Work hard to stay loving and patient with them.


Maybe, it’s Just Not Meant to Be



Girl, it’s tough to say, but sometimes it’s just not meant to be. You may have thought your partner was the one, but if you don’t see the same future together, then is it really worth the heartache and sacrifice?


You certainly don’t want to pressure someone to love you forever. Love should be organic and easy. So, if he isn’t proposing, talk to him in order to get to the bottom of it. It could be something as simple as he wanted to wait until your birthday. Or, it could be that he just doesn’t feel what he used to feel anymore.


This hard discussion will definitely help you to figure out if he is the one for you. Good luck and stay strong!


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