How To Care For an Engagement Ring

How to care for an engagement ring? You have come to the right place!

How to Care for an Engagement Ring

When you make a big purchase like an engagement ring or a wedding ring, you want to make sure it stays in good shape. And, that’s where proper maintenance comes in. Just like other big purchases like a car or a house, it takes work to make sure your ring lasts.

That’s why we are here to tell you that taking care of your ring is important. And, share with you the steps you must take in order to keep this diamond lasting forever. Just like your love for each other!

Have It Checked

You wear your ring every day, so it’s natural that there is going to be a little wear-and-tear happening during that time. Getting your ring checked twice a year by a professional will ensure that the prongs are in order and that stones will not loosen and fall. You wouldn’t want to lose any precious gems out of your band!

Clean It Regularly

Cleaning your ring once a season is a good rule of thumb. Over time, germs including dirt and oil get trapped in the rivets of the ring and along the band. And, you don’t want to be carrying that bacteria around. You can choose to clean your ring at home. Or, bring it to a professional. It’s really up to you!

Take Care of the Band

Polishing your ring’s band every couple of years will keep it looking shiny and new. This is the symbol of your never-dying love for each other, so you don’t want it looking dull and lackluster.

Store Your Ring Right

When you do have to take off your ring and store it, make sure you are doing it right. It should be in a velvet box so that the ring doesn’t get damaged or scratched. Metals are strong, but that doesn’t mean that imperfections can’t happen. Do your best to always store it someplace soft and safe from the elements.

Feel No Shame Taking It Off

If you are performing activities that might hurt the ring, feel no shame in taking it off. Some of these activities include cooking, cleaning, building, and working out. Yeah, your hand may feel a little naked for an hour or so. But, it’s worth it knowing that your ring is safe.

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