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How to clean jewelry, specifically diamond jewelry! Everyone that has a diamond ring can testify that there is nothing more mesmerizing than having a diamond ring sparkle in the light and watch the light prisms dance after the ring has been cleaned and polished.


Wanting the “Bling” is a natural part of owning a diamond ring and you can get that by taking it to a jeweler for cleaning and polishing or you can do it yourself. According to the GIA Global Jewelry Manufacturing engineers, there are effective methods for cleaning diamond jewelry at home with professional results.



how to clean jewelry at home


How To Clean Jewelry


Cleaning Diamond Jewelry at Home


  • Rings that are dirty often are due to using common cosmetics like lotion, hairspray, perfume, and makeup. Here’s a simple solution for cleaning at home to get the “Bling” back.
  • Make a solution of hot water and dish soap.
  • Soak your diamond jewelry for 30 minutes.
  • Gently brush with a soft toothbrush.
  • Rinse with warm water and repeat if needed.


You can also add body wash or shampoo in addition to dish soap, however, try avoid using any products that are labeled as moisturizers, they have a tendency to leave a film on the jewelry. When drying your diamond jewelry avoid using a paper towel; they can scratch the metal and a soft cotton cloth will work much better.


How Often Should You Clean Your Diamond Jewelry?


Cleaning your diamond jewelry at least once a week will keep it looking new and it helps to cut down on the everyday buildup that comes with using cosmetics. For long term-maintenance, it’s best to take your diamond jewelry to a professional jeweler for a good cleaning, especially if you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle or work in the food industry.


Compacted oils and dirt can get hard to clean yourself and a professional has cleaning solutions that restore a diamond’s brilliance safely. Additional how do you store your jewelry tips below!


What to Avoid When Cleaning Your Diamond Jewelry


Losing the luster of a diamond due to improper care is a very unfortunate event. Never use household cleaners like acetone, bleach, and chlorine. These chemicals can actually break down the base metals on your diamond jewelry and do more harm than good.


Additionally, never use abrasive products like baking soda, comet or toothpaste, they can easily scratch metals like gold. How many people are guilty of using these products at one time or another?


Avoid Home-Based Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners


It’s not a question that home-based ultrasonic jewelry cleaners can produce amazing results with getting the “Bling” back, however, the machine functions by sending vibrations into the cleaning solution and water in just minutes.


The energetic movement can cause loose stones to get even looser and fall out. The benefit of using a professional jeweler at least once or twice a year can prevent a loose stone to fall out by being tested and fixed first. The chances that you would know that one of your stones is loose is slim to none until it falls out. In which case you’ll be going to the jeweler anyway.


Ultrasonic machines can dislodge a stone if the prong is weak or any if there’s any error in workmanship. The safest way to use an ultrasonic machine is to have professional jeweler do it for you.


They will test the prongs and fix anything before it goes into the machine and comes out shining. Cleaning your diamond jewelry at home can be done in a safe and effective manner if you follow these guidelines and use the proper cleaning products. Did you find our guide on how to clean jewelry at home useful? Please comment and share!





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