Engagement Ring Shopping Together

Engagement ring shopping together is an awesome activity to do randomly; you can do it completely spur of the moment if you walk by a jewelry store. Obviously, when it comes to a proposal, you want an element of surprise. That’s why people question the modern idea of shopping as a team for the perfect engagement ring. But, listen up! It’s 2019, and the way we propose is entirely different than we used to. The rules are looser, so why should this one be any different?

Engagement Ring Shopping Together

We’re here to share with you WHY you should shop with your significant other. There are many benefits to this new-age tradition that will guarantee the best experience for you and your partner with the first step of sealing the deal.

You’ll Relieve His Stress

As you can imagine, purchasing a ring can be very nerve-wracking on the man. Men aren’t usually particularly good at shopping. And, when they are in the market for a ring that will change their lives, the pressure is on! So, by taking the reigns and suggesting you both go shopping together, the stress will seem to slip off his shoulders. There’s nothing a little teamwork can’t do!

You’ll Get To Choose

The biggest perk of shopping with your partner for their engagement ring is allowing her to choose what style she wants. Seriously, what girl wouldn’t want to go into a jewelry store and have their pick? This takes the pressure off the man to choose the ring that she might like and guarantees that she will be happy with the purchase.

It’s A Bonding Experience

Buying a ring together truly is a romantic bonding experience. It gets you and your partner excited about the future and what’s to come. And, it allows for some nervous anticipation which can definitely help spice up a relationship. Discussing the future is one thing, but moving toward a goal together is something indescribably romantic and special.

It Won’t Ruin Anything

You might think that buying a ring together would ruin the whole proposal, but that’s just not true! A marriage proposal can still be an elaborate surprise when planned correctly. Just because your partner knows what the ring looks like, doesn’t mean she will know when and how you’re going to propose. So, be sure to keep those details a secret!

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