How To Tell If Diamond Is Real

How To Tell If Diamond Is Real. Ok, so it’s totally natural to be skeptical about whether the diamond your boo gave you is actually real or not. We know that the price of the piece does not give any indication of how much your partner loves you. But, it would be nice to have a genuine diamond to wear. And, you certainly don’t want to come off like a fraud to your friends claiming it’s real when it’s not.


That’s why we are here to share with you some stellar tips that you can do at home that will allow you to discover if the diamond you’ve been wearing on your ring finger for the past six months is actually the real deal. So, get your diamond ready for a little experimenting…this is going to be fun!


How To Tell If Diamond Is Real

Use Water


The water trick is one of the most popular diamond discovery tricks around. And, that’s because it’s so easy! All you have to do is get a glass of water, fill it to the top, and drop the diamond in. If the diamond sinks then it’s real because of the high-density of the stone. But, if it floats, then it’s a total-faker. Sorry!


Use Fog



Another way to test if a diamond is real in the comfort of your own home is by using fog. Simply take the diamond in front of your mouth and breathe warm air onto it as if you were fogging a mirror with your breath. If the diamond stays fogged for a few minutes, then most likely is a dupe. If it doesn’t seem to fog easily that’s a good sign. The condensation of the fog should not stick to the surface of a true diamond.


Use A Black light



If you have a black light handy, then this diamond discovery trick is a good one for you! However, it’s not always accurate. All you need to do is observe the diamond under a black light. If the diamond shines blue fluorescence then it’s probably real. But, if all you’re seeing is green or yellowish tints, then it’s probably just a gem.


Use A Magnifying Glass

Our last trick on this list requires a magnifying glass. And, basically, all you have to do is look for flaws. If the stone you’re looking at has flaws, then it’s probably real. All diamonds have inclusions and flaws. And, let’s be real, they wouldn’t put blemishes on a fake diamond.


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