When to take off your Engagement Ring

When to take off your engagement ring? You may think that taking off your wedding or engagement ring is totally taboo. However, there are times when it will actually suit you well to take it off in order to keep the ring in good shape and ensure that you don’t lose it. That is as long as you remember where you put it when you do take it off.

When to take off your Engagement Ring

We know it may be hard to part with. Especially, if you are a newlywed. But, here are some of the times where it’s definitely ok to remove your ring. So, stop feeling guilty!

Working Out

When you break a sweat with your ring on, you are risking changing its shape. The metals used in ring bands can be relatively soft. So, by working up a sweat a few times a week, you are putting extra heat and pressure on your ring.


The chemicals in beauty supplies such as hairspray and moisturizer can weaken the metal of the ring. And, it can dull its sparkle. So, before you get teasing, put your ring aside first.


Did you know that cold water actually shrinks your fingers? So, by taking a dive into an ice-cold pool or body of water, you could very well lose your ring. And, just think of how hard it would be to find in a lake or river!


The chemicals used in cleaning products, just like in beauty products can wear your ring over time. This could result in a less than sparkly appearance. Not to mention scratches and damage from scrubbing your dishes and floor.


If you work with your hands, then there is no shame in taking off your ring. Anything can happen if you are on a roof hammering away. You could bang your ring. Or, it could fall off and never be found again.


Oily soaps can dull the finish of your ring. And, popular exfoliants can scratch the surface. That’s why it’s best to take your ring off before you shower. Also, by showering with a ring, you risk sending it down the drain when your hands are soapy and slippery.


Rings are a breeding ground for germs with all their intricate nooks. So, it’s best to food prep without your ring on. You don’t want to get anything lodged in there for safekeeping.

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