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Welcome to our diamond anniversary gifts guide! Marriage is a sacred act of commitment and a long lasting devotion for better and for worse. In today’s modern society the divorce rate is higher than it’s ever been and some marriages don’t last even 2 years. Milestones are set for those who make it past the statistics and marriages that go past 2 decades hold a special significance in everyone’s heart.


These unions are perfect examples of what true love is supposed to be. They exemplify what togetherness and having a true friend for life is all about. To honor that symbolic moment wedding anniversaries that make it over the decades are celebrated with long lasting love markers. Read on to see our diamond anniversary gifts by years married!



diamond anniversary gifts



Diamond Anniversary Gifts


Years 1 – 25 Wedding Anniversary – Diamond Anniversary Gifts



There really is no bad gift but the important thing is you remember the anniversary date and you do get him or her some gifts! Whether it’s diamond jewelry, flowers, chocolate (or all!) then he or she will be thrilled that their spouse did not forget. We recommend a nice dinner for every anniversary as well as some jewelry and chocolates! 🙂



The 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary – Diamond Anniversary Gifts



This is the traditional symbol associated with 25 years of marriage known as the silver anniversary. Some great silver anniversary gift ideas are silver bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings. You can make it even more memorable by having a custom engraving with your own personal message professing your love.


Diamonds on silver earrings are always a girls favorite gift and silver lockets with a personal photo will make an impact on your significant other. Other gemstones of various colors on silver jewelry that matches her birthstone is a great way to let them know you really care.



The 30th Wedding Anniversary – Diamond Anniversary Gifts



This is a combination of 3 decades of love and togetherness that has matured over the years. One of the most common surprises that you can get your loved on the big 30th is traditional pearls. Pearls are symbolic of this milestone and jewelry that incorporates pearls make the perfect 30th anniversary gift.


Gifts for men might include pearl cuff-links, necklaces, and bracelets. It’s always a safe bet to go with pearls for your 30th wedding anniversary and pearls make great surprises for other special occasions as well.



Diamonds for the big 30th have something to say too. They’re misunderstood about being the modern gift for the big 30th and will always give pearls a run for their money on this hot topic. Some excellent diamond gift ideas are watches encrusted with diamonds, diamond pendants, earrings, bracelets, and diamond necklaces. A diamond is forever.



The 35th Wedding Anniversary – Diamond Anniversary Gifts



Thirty five years has passed by since you found the love of your life and you want to mark this special moment with something they’ll never forget. If you’re stickler for still going with the times; a traditional gift marking this era is coral and if you’re someone who goes with what’s trending, jade is the modern gift for 35th wedding anniversaries.


Even though modern and traditional gift ideas for 35th wedding anniversaries include gemstones, there are some other great jewelry that makes a perfect gift also. Jewelry gifts associated with their favorite color is always a winner and you can match it to her favorite metal color. Nailing it out of the park.



The 40th Wedding Anniversary – Diamond Anniversary Gifts



If you’re going to a 40th wedding anniversary celebration or if you’re someone who’s looking to make this milestone significant for your spouse. Selecting gifts that represent 4 decades of togetherness and love are vital. The traditional and modern gift that symbolizes this era is the red colored ruby.



Romantic gifts with red colored ruby can be found in things like wall décor, glass gifts, vases, candle holders, and red ruby jewelry are all perfect gifts signifying the 40th wedding anniversary. Red Roses in addition to red colored rubies might make other people envious of your well executed gift idea.



Armed with all of this information for wedding anniversary gifts over the years will make you more confident for choosing the right jewelry gift for each milestone.



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