When Will He Propose?

Ok, girl, we know, when will he propose?! We totally know how incredibly frustrating it can be to wait for him to make his move. We’re talking the BIG proposal, of course.   Seriously, you’ve been dating a long time, you talk all about your love for one another, you may even be living together … Read more

How Much Should You Spend on a Ring?

  How much should you spend on a ring? Engagement rings can definitely take a hit on your wallet. But, it’s a piece that embodies your love for your partner. So, isn’t it only right you spend all your hard-earned cash on it?   The truth is, the purchase of an engagement ring doesn’t have … Read more

How To Get A Ring Size Secretly

  How To Get A Ring Size Secretly! Ok, so you’ve picked who you want to tie the knot with- that’s great! Step one is complete. But, then you have to start thinking of all the little details that go along with it. And, of course, buying an engagement ring is on the top of … Read more

How To Choose An Engagement Ring

choosing an engagement ring

  How to choose an engagement ring? Picking out the right engagement ring for your significant other can be incredibly stressful. Like, if asking a person to spend the rest of their lives with you and your annoying habits wasn’t stressful enough. So, how do you find out the style of ring that they want … Read more

Comfortable Tungsten Carbide Rings

tungsten carbide rings

  Tungsten carbide rings and titanium rings are the most popular metals currently trending right now in today’s market for men’s jewelry and wedding bands. It’s a known fact that tungsten and titanium have superior strength qualities versus other metals used for jewelry making purposes.   The surface appearance can be deceiving for a lot … Read more

Discover The 3 Different Colors of Gold Jewelry

different colors of gold jewelry

  When researching gold settings there are three different colors of gold jewelry options available to choose from – yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. While their appearance may be similar, they differ in their composition and color.   When selecting the gold color for your ring setting, it really comes down to your … Read more

How To Figure Out Ring Size Now

how to figure out ring size

How to figure out ring size?! Easy, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide we are going to provide useful information on ring size, sizing of necklaces, and also bracelets. Your diamond jewelry buying can then commence!   We will give you helpful tips and accurate sizing references to determine the correct size … Read more

Settings For Engagement Rings

Prong setting diamond ring

Do engagement rings’ different prongs and setting styles have you pulling your hair out? Are you searching for a simple understanding of words like solitaire, prong, Bezel, and Tiffany? This is an article with the best guide to unlocking all these mysteries of the diamond world. Here we will discuss Settings For Engagement Rings. Finding … Read more

Resize Engagement Ring

how long does it take to resize a ring

This is an area that a lot of people, especially men, tend to forget about when they purchase the Resize Engagement Ring. Unless you know your significant other’s ring size? You’ll need to take the ring to a jeweler to have it resized. What does this entail? We’ll help you with this comprehensive guide on … Read more