How To Find Out Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size

Girlfriend’s ring size is not hard to find! If you’re in a serious relationship and are getting ready to pop the big question? You’ll need a vital source of information; her ring size. Getting the ring sized after the engagement is always an option, but having it right at the time of the proposal will seize the moment. Getting her ring size without her knowing is going to be very tricky. Today is your lucky day; below is our list of 5 ways to find out your Girlfriend’s Ring Size.

find out her ring size

Phone Family

Calling her parents or siblings is the best place to start. However, they’ve got to be in on the secret as well. There’s a good chance that someone in her family has bought her some jewelry at one point or another, or she has dropped hints about her size during the holiday season for a Christmas present. Some of her BFFs could have some valuable information especially if she has been married before, one of her BFFs most likely helped her last time. Make sure that whoever you ask can keep a secret!

ring size secret

Use Some Trickery

Casually ask her some questions about why you need a ring size. There are ways to do this without giving up your true intentions. Make a dinner reservation on a day that has special meaning like the day you met and take her out for the night. During dinner tell her you would like to go shopping and buy her a ruby or something that she likes.

Not only will you catch her off guard, she’ll be open for whatever comes up because one thing all women have in common is shopping. Have her try on different rings and pay attention to the ring finger size when she puts that one on. If you play your cards right, you’ll nail this and she won’t have a clue.

Girlfriend's Ring Size
Girlfriend’s Ring Size

Make it About Someone Else

Explain how you need a gift for your mother, sister, cousin, etc., and say you want to buy them a birthstone for their birthday that’s coming up or something to that effect. Mention how their fingers look similar in size and would you mind trying a few of these on so I can figure out what size to buy them? Sell it good by getting one of her family members involved that might have some sample rings to use.

Girlfriend's Ring Size
Girlfriend’s Ring Size

Good Detective Work

This might be one the best ways to get her ring size without her knowing about it. Wait until she is gone and you won’t get busted, then find her jewelry box and look for rings that she has worn on her ring finger. Lay it on top of a piece of paper, trace the inner circle, or put it on a piece of clay and make a mold. Either two of these options will help the jeweler make the right size.

Girlfriend's Ring Size
Girlfriend’s Ring Size

Order a Ring Sizing Kit

During a casual night of television, take out this innocent-looking sizing kit and say you found it at work or something clever. Then you use it and say, ‘I’m a nine,” then hand it over and watch her do all the work for you. Please pay special attention to her ring finger size, then go back to watching your favorite television show. Don’t let the cat out of the bag by smiling. To accomplish this mission of figuring out her ring size while keeping it all a secret, you must be on top of your game.

Final Advice

Use your routine as a cover if you’re planning a secret proposal; this will need some cloak an dagger techniques. The unfortunate part is you will have to lie and be sneaky. It’s all for a good cause, and chances are once you get down on one knee and she sees the diamond, she’ll forgive you. Stick as close to your routine as possible. You can go shopping for a ring on your lunch break or on your way home, anything that does not draw any suspicion to yourself.

Now that you know how to find out your girlfriend’s ring size, let’s do some engagement ring shopping!

Girlfriend's Ring Size
Girlfriend’s Ring Size

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